2016 Reiki Certification Training Schedule


Dear amazing you!


This is an early bird flower in Chiba,

my home town in Japan


it is known as “Na no Hana”.


Aren’t they beautiful and so bright?


It is so up-lifting to see the bright yellow

in the cold winter… 🙂



The Mother Nature is very much giving

such a perfect medicine for us

to remain calm and at peace naturally

with its beauty as it is.


And that is just like yourself –


your beauty of being who you are

is absolutely precious and incredible,

and gorgeous.


And in a way,

we all try to polish and shine

throughout our life time on this Earth

in order to flourish such beauty.



Learning Reiki is one way to support such process!



This might be the last in-person seminars in Toronto

so if you are interested in being certified Reiki healer

and also study with me,

please check out the details from this page 🙂



Training Workshop Schedule 10AM-5PM-ish


  • Level 1 Sunday, Jan 31st
  • Level 2  Sunday, Feb 21st, Sunday Mar 28th
  • Level 3 /master  Sunday, Mar 27th OR Sunday, Apr 3rd


  • TBA
*Dates may change especially if the seminar maybe held at
Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
If you are interested in joining me,
please contact me via
Each workshop will require
pre-registration & payment
as well as have limited seats
so that please contact me at least 10 days
before the workshop.
Let’s flourish beautifully together!
Thank you, for being you
and sharing your beauty with the world 🙂
with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,
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