Anatomy of the Soul (1)


Good morning to amazing you!


The picture is the Chinese Lantern Plant.

During the Bon season,

it is displayed as a lantern

for the dead spirits to be able to find the way home.


So those spirits – including us,

each one of the spirits is also made of several souls.



Since the time of ancient Japan,

the anatomy of Soul or Spirit was taught as



一霊四魂(Ichi-Rei Shi-Kon)

One spirit four souls




五霊五魂(o-Rei Go-kon)

five spirits five souls.


This origin goes back to thousand few hundreds years

as it was mentioned in the Kojiki & Nihon-shoki,

the oldest literatures in Japanese history.



In addition to the following four souls  of






with the addition of



makes five souls total.


Kuwashi-mitama connects and blends all other four.



Each of them have unique function and so that

balancing souls means also

making sure that the function is running optimally.

And so that we keep polishing our souls.


The process of soul care does actually have

certain steps and directions

as people are aiming for virtuous fulfillment

while understanding the life as the process.



Yes, so we were actually born to polish and shine!


Living means we are already initiating such an amazing process –

isnt’ that a Very Soulful Delicious Moment?


and yes, that is one of many reasons that

you are absolutely precious and amazing!


Thank you so much as always

and have a great day!


We will talk about the four souls next time 😉


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,




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