Anatomy of the Soul (2)

admin-ajaxDear Amazing you!


Today, September 9th is the day

when the Star Gate opens –


meaning that we are now strongly receiving and

connecting with the energy flow from the Galaxy.

(Yes, August 8th was the Lion gate…

and I held a meditation group on that day)



the Virgo New Moon is coming up

on the September 13th,

which is great for


Healing & Cleansing 🙂




On this perfect day, I am holding

Reiki Level 1 Certification Training (Japanese)

so please join me – two more seats left at this point.



More and more I learn about the traditional healing medicine,

I get deeper fascinated by the vast guiding wisdom already here-

It was the science and the source of highest intelligence….

the universe, galaxy, stars, sun, moon….




and SOULS.



Let’s get back to the topic as I left of there.



So, the blend of four souls (plus 1)

kind determines our character

and state of our mind.


So let’s see which type you contain the most…

or I should say that

which type of soul that you are… 🙂






Having a power to move on, pioneer with patience.

Brave Hero Type。




Having a power to make peace and harmony…

with couples, brothers, families, neighbors and community.

Peace Maker Type.





Having a power to birth, love, and grow,

like a child, art work, projects

with compassion and emotional sensitivity.


Loving Creator Type.





Having a power to observe, analyze, and comprehend

with rich knowledge and sharp mind and curiosity.

Exploring Master Type.



Which soul type (or a cocktail) are you?



When you know your soul blend type,

or the anatomy of your soul,

a lot of things make sense,

especially your challenges and hardships in life,

because you would see why they came into your life…

.. for you to discover your soul gift –

the talent that you are born with .



Your soul has known and knows that

you are doing perfectly fine and okay

as you are just living in this moment

because you are the gift yourself.


And in order to find that out,

sometimes we start from

what it is NOT, rather than what it is.




by 5th soul, 精霊(Kuwashi-Mitama)

these four soul blends are integrated

into one harmonious soul, and called





the very essence of our being.


So when we are purifying our souls,

like 鎮魂 (chin-kon) – sedating soul,

we are really coming back to the state of

this beautiful origin of who we are.








the very beauty of our soul.



That is a very soulful Delicious Moment 🙂


Thank you so much as always to beautiful you!


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,




Reiki Level 1 Certification Training (Japanese)

Sunday Sept 13th 10am~5pm


We are all healers – we just need to remember

and activate the gift within to flourish 🙂



World Peace Weekend Yoga & Meditation

Sunday Sept 20th, 10am~Noon


Let’s vibrate at the high frequency together

of love and gratitude

for the world peace that

we are starting from within.


Delicious Moment Meditation♪ 

Every Sunday 6PM~ @the Yoga Lounge!


Uniting and harmonizing your body, mind, soul and spirit

for you to heal, nourish and flourish!


Delicious Full Moon Spiritual Summer Aurora Tour

Sept 26~29 @Yellowknife

Would you like to resonate with the POWERFUL healing energy

of the nature, particularly northern lights,

just like the old native people practiced for ages

to heal and restore the energetic alignment within the body.


Yes, it is going to be very powerful,

especially resonating with the energy of full moon, aurora

and cosmic shifting energy

and of course the beautiful souls gathering together.



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