GRACE ~ Attaining Integrity through Aging~: April IMHT Workshop

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Last night, I saw a movie called


It is a story about a man who was volunteering to bring personalized music to demented elders in nursing homes where people are often isolated and going through so many of losses including physical ability, speech, cognition, independence, home, family, and unfortunately even dignity and respect. However, listening to music was the healing power bringing back them into the life happening right now something inside of those people and make them alive.  Those transformational moments reminded me so many things – about my grandma, about my music therapy practicums and internship…

According to the UN report, 10% of the world’s 6.4 billion people are today over 60 year-old. By 2050, 20% of the planet’s 10 billion human beings will be over 60. That is roughly 1/3 of the entire current global human population. Though many of us are afraid of Aging, it comes to all of us at some point because that is the destination for us as human being. It is a part of this grand cycle of life and its nature. Finding the fountain of youth is not about living forever. It’s about living so fully that we know we have really lived and loved – ultimately shining the beauty of our souls.

So, here is the info about the next IMHT Flourishing Workshop

GRACE ~ Attaining Integrity through Aging~

On Tuesday April 29th, please come and join us for this workshop with visual presentation, discussions and experiential exercises to share learning and promoting our health aging and cultivating grace along the way!

Even though it is not mandatory, I would highly recommend to pre-register so that you will get a package of

Rejuvenating Herbal Tea

that is blended by me, with lots of TLC <3

Again, don’t forget the deadline for pre-registration is and please register from HERE.

I look very much forward to seeing you there and learning together with you 🙂

Have a great day!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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