Birth of Love on the New Moon♪


Dear amazing you!


Today is the last new moon of this year, 2015.


Recently I am surrounded by baby news…


This rosary in fact, was a gift

from my dear client, friend, mother, sister, angel…etc.

and she was praying with it

while waiting for her grandson to be born.


Her healthy grandson arrived a week ago.



And I met her about 3 years ago.

She had one ultimate goal,

which was to attend her only daughter’s wedding –

being alive and healthy.


I saw actually her, without hair, but smiling

so I knew that she would, though

I didn’t tell her about the vision.


And 3 years later,

not only attending her daughter’s wedding,

but she became a happy grandma,

and looking so healthy and gorgeous

and working with so much vitality!





Life is so amazing and precious.



There are so many things in life,

but all of them ultimate come down to one lesson,

which is to learn love.


We are love ourselves, aren’t we?



I am just so grateful and happy

that I am actually alive, and also that you are too.

what a Delicious Moment♪


There are also many mothers (pregnant women)

taking my e-learning to become a Reiki healer!

I guess it is quite convenient

to be able to that at home… 🙂


Anyhow, I am also somewhat experiencing

the birthing pain….

..but not for a human being – hehehe.

can’t wait till when it’s done

to experiencing the joy of the birth!


I just admire all mothers in the world…

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Anyhow, today is the new moon.

It is also the birth of the moon.

Wish you an amazing birth of something joyfully

to wonderful and precious you.


Thank you for being amazing you and being here.


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,





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