Nature’s Healing Delicious Moment♪

自然の癒し デリシャスモーメント🤗 清らかに流れる水は 良いですね💕 Nature's Delicious Healing Moment❤️ Water is so powerfully cleansing. A post shared by Dr.Mami (@happysmilekeeper) on Jul 25, 2016 at 2:10am PDT Nature’s Very Delicious Moment? It is so purifying and calming to witness natural spring water?   For the Reiki Master attunement, we went to the Mt. Kurama, where Reiki has […]

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SUNDAY APRIL 3RD: Molecular healing & rejuvenating Gaia Water 135 Seminar♪

http://www.viviann.co.jp/   Dear amazing you –   Here is the probably last public event by me in Toronto, at the beginning of April about Water…   As you know, our body is made of mostly water. Therefore, what kind of water we are consuming greatly affects our health and well being.   Combining both ancient […]

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