Creating the New Self on this Capricorn Full Moon♥

お父さんとDear amazing you!

Happy Delicious Full Moon


           Happy SUMMER

Tonight is our monthly gathering healing time –
the Full Moon Delicious Healing Meditation
sent from super HOT SUMMER Osaka, JAPAN!
(So that I am drinking LOTS of water 🙂 –
helps stay healthy, young and smart!


The Delicious Full Moon Healing Meditation

@10 PM on July 19/20th, 2016
Tonight is Capricorn Moon and
the theme is






This full moon is really asking us this question –


Are you expressing yourself through your work/career?


This is a big question right now for me as
my world has shifted drastically since I came back to Japan.


and it is a good time to reconstruct my new world 🙂


This full moon also reminds me of many taxi drivers in Toronto.
I could say that almost all of them were immigrants and
many of them had careers like doctors, lawyers, engineers back home
and yet when they came to Canada, they lost such status and income
in order to live with family for better life, safety and education
especially for their children.


At that time I felt sorry for them (I know it was none of my business!!),
but now I recall that none of them told me that
they regretted their choice, rather
many of them were happy and often shared joy of having loving family
and being proud to be a father (I didn’t meet a female driver).


Expressing yourself through your work may not be like
doing what you like for some people.


Now I finally can see
how those drivers have expressed beautifully themselves through work,
to be who they are,
to live their life, and
to share such life with someone they truly love.


As I came back to Japan, I felt like somewhat similar –
I don’t have a clinic,
I don’t have a status,
I don’t have what I thought I had in Toronto.


And again, I am finally seeing that
they don’t matter to be who I am
to live my life and even to express myself
and share that with others.


I am ready to be the authority for my own life
and willing to take the responsibility for my own power
to express who I am.


Are you?


Another theme of Capricorn is “Father” –
often our perception of own father influences
our perspective on the society and men in general.


Is your relationship with your father tell you something about
how you perceive this society,
and therefore how your role might have to be in it?


So it might be a good time to reconnect with our fathers
(either physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually)
to restore their powerful love and soulful existence in our life.

Full moon is a wonderful universal timing to
send gratitude for fulfillment and achievement and
release things and thoughts that we no longer need
so that we can be clear about ourselves to move on.


These are actually a great benefit of meditation itself in general.


Meditation brings us together
and coming to our essence
to remember this beautiful light and love that we are,
and even the darkness and other emotions
to make our essence obvious.


Meditation is to bring our compassion
to embrace our wholesomeness together
as we remember that we are all connected
and a part of the amazing whole.


So, if you would like,
let’s meditate to share this beautiful moment together,

connecting through love & gratitude,
celebrating our lives,
trusting in our lives,

filling this beautiful Earth and body with light.


And if you also would like,
let’s share with someone you would like.

It will be another shining Delicious Moment〜☆


Thank you so much for being such an amazing you
and expressing beautifully as you are
and share the gift with us to experience this world together

Happy Delicious Full Moon♥

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,

2 Responses to Creating the New Self on this Capricorn Full Moon♥

  1. Shirley Zussman July 19, 2016 at 7:11 pm #

    So glad to hear from you. Mami. I heard from Elly that you were planning to move back to Japan, but she didn’t share any details. I thought you would send a broadcast email to those in your Toronto world to let us know when you planned to leave, what was becoming of your clinic, etc. I hoped to see you one more time before you moved. Alas! I guess it was not meant to be.

    It was a pleasure to meet you and spend time in your essence.

    Much love and good wishes for a joyful time back in your homeland.

    • Mami July 22, 2016 at 2:30 am #

      HI, Shirley! So nice to hear from you too – I thought my previous newsletters & blog pots talked about them, but I know it was not enough… I apologize that I didn’t have a chance to greet individually… Dr. Lo is continuing to see our mutual clients and some clients I am in touch through skype.

      I hope you are enjoying the beautiful summer in Toronto and thank you so much again for all your sincere presence and kind words, Shirley!