Delicious & Charming Quality Time ♪



One of the highlights of this homecoming was to meet a special lady, whom I was longing to meet for a long time indeed! Her name is Ms. Misuko Masuoka. She is the Chairman of the Association of Successful Women Psychology, the receiver of the 100 million annual sales prize, and the author of To succeed as a woman – four tips to make dreams come true in a charming way and an instructor for a series of seminars for women’s psychology about life and success♪ She has been quite active in her amazing “charming” way.

I have learned about her through my Reiki teacher’s blog and became a secret fan. Ms. Misuko’s tea party reminded me of my university days in Miami, where I frequently held tea parties for Japanese exchange students at my dorm room. And so that I wanted to start it again in Toronto 🙂

IMG_5134[1]I met Ms. Misuko at a Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. While my heart was pounding, her beautiful aura was shining so big! Just the fact that I was able to meet her this time made me so thrilled and filled with warm gratitude in my heart. I learned a lot of things, including the importance of thinking simple and straight-forward to shine, the energy to move is money, and overwhelming times are great opportunities. It was a very quality delicious time indeed ♪

What is really important for me


What I really want to be,

with dream, passion and love, to continue to carry out strong determination that is as hard as diamond.

I would like to continue polishing my delicious diamond to radiate its beautiful light and share with others!

Thank you so much for all your support, especially my dear family and friends!!

With great love and hope and gratitude from the bottom of my heart.


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