Delicious Diet


The beautiful Ontario strawberries are in season finally! The combination of strawberries and rich cream cannot go wrong.  I would love it very much yet I also know that people do have different preferences.

If you see the words

Heavy Cream

What other word comes to your mind? Whipped? or Unhealthy?

While 75% of the French chose “Whipped”, 60% of Americans chose “Unhealthy”.

Compared to Americans, the French experience less stress and more pleasure in relation to eating because they focus more on the experience of food rather than the consequence of the food.  French people consider eating a more important part of their life than Americans. Indeed, France is one of the world’s top 3 gastronomic countries.

By contrast, in the world’s top dieting industry country, United States of America, numerous food items are now going through so much processing to make non-fat, non-sugar, and low-calories to make them “healthier”.  However, usually they are not palatable to begin with, and I don’t feel like I’ve eaten the real food, and sometimes it even feels a bit awkward.

But some people may say, that –

“If I eat only those delicious foods, I will gain weight and get all sorts of health consequences after!”

Well, that is not true, and indeed it is the opposite. There is a phenomenon called the French paradox. Yes, the French intake of butter is four times higher than in the United States. However, the rate of obesity is almost half, and the incidence of cardiovascular disease is 70% when compared with  Americans. Moreover, the French average length of life spent in health is also nearly three years longer than Americans (72-years-old, ranking 11th in the world. FYI – The top rank is 75-years-old of the Japanese.)

What are the crucial influencing factors in here? They are –

The quantity, quality of food, and time spent eating the food.

They are –

Small portion, good quality, and longer time.

Like France, Japan is also a gastronomic powerhouse. Food is such an important part of our culture. Especially as it is what we get every day, having delicious food is a basic concept.  The 17th century Japanese doctor, Ekiken Kaibara preaches in his textbook to –

Enjoy fresh seasonal food in moderation with gratitude.

And simply when we share food with others, it prevents overeating as our heart is filled with joy of connection and sharing.

Rather than just mere nutritional energy source, food means so much to us – emotionally, socially, culturally, and spiritually.  Therefore, having delicious food can be also seen as an opportunity to really experience pleasure through five senses and connection with others and transcend the experience to mind and spirit to harmonize our whole being. Wouldn’t such experience give us the joy of living? That is very a delicious moment

Now that all the summer deliciousness is approaching, why not share your favorite delicious food with your family and friends for your beautiful health?

Bon Appetite!

Thank you 🙂

Article: Rozin P. 2005. The meaning of food in our lives: a cross-cultural perspective on eating and well-being. J Nutr Educ Behav. 

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