Delicious Happy New Year 2016 to Amazing You♪ (1)


Dear amazing you!


Belated Happy New Year~☆(^o^)


I am currently in Japan♪


Thank you so much for all your support for the last year
– I have been shown, taught and guided by so many wise souls
and I am just so grateful…


with many those meetings and encounters,
my life has shifted greatly.

It is written in Japanese

「大変 (Taihen)」

often used as troublesome or problem at first,

but literally it means “a big change”.


It makes so much sense that

when we are shifting so big

of course we encounter a big change.



In my last year’s newsletter in Jan 2015,

I shared my keywords for the year –



and interestingly enough,

my 2015 was progressed to cultivate them.



how was your 2015?



For this year, 2016

my keyword is going to be around  the number “6”.


In my last newsletter

(which is by the way,

you can sign up from the right up corner ;-))

I also mentioned about

数霊 (kazu-tama)

spirit of numbers


It is basically the energetic vibration

that numbers possess just like words (言霊 kotodama)



so, the number SIX has a energy of



connect, tie, link, bind…  etc.


In the ancient Greece,

It was considered as


Romantic Love Number


because six (6)  has an odd number and ( 2) even (3) to the factor ,

and they implies feminine (2 ) and masculine (3)

and when it is crossed/multiplied  –> 2 x 3 = 6 


And another classification in Japanese Shintoism is

形霊(kata-tama), spirits of form

and so that 6 has a power of creativity & birth

as it looks like a fetus or a pregnant mother.


There are more meanings such as






and so that even there are hardships right now,

it implies that


「Happiness is surely coming again.」



Well, this year 2016 sounds already amazing, isn’t it?



Just for your reference,

the number five (5) has energy of


Mother nature & Universal Consciousness


Center, Essence


In the cultures of Asian traditional medicine,

there are several well-established systems based on fives –

(e.g. five element theory)


this energy possesses the change and evolving power

from the state of security or stability

into the authentic essence or the center of the person.


I have been introducing some of the nature & universal laws

that I am familiar with … like a moon cycle, herbs, aroma, words…

in my newsletter, facebook、and this blog.



They are the very natural and universal laws  (^^)!


Going through such a period in life,


you could realize

what’s really really important

and what can excite and inspire you

from the bottom of your heart.

and on the other hand,

you could also learn

what can depress, disappoint

and shrink your heart and soul.


in 2015,

it sounds like, at least as far as I know

for people around me,

many of us were going through

the amazing big change year.


Therefore, in this 2016,

we can all realize the joy and happiness

that have been always here and around

enabling us to transform and transcend

into who we really.


It is like a tree fruiting over many many years.

…and this is the year that we can get the fruit!


isn’t that exciting and delicious?


yes, surely that would be a very Delicious Moment♪

Wish you LOTS of Deliciousness to savour, enjoy and share!

Thank you so much for being amazing you 🙂


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,




The picture of this year’s animal, Monkey

was hand-made by my mother 🙂

So that sending the vital monkey energy

and mothers love to amazing you!!



The Kanji (Japanese letter) for the year monkey

is written as 「申」saru, meaning


A ripening fruit on a tree♪



so it is very much a fruiting year

from multiple perspectives.

Isn’t that exciting?


Delicious Happy New Year to you❤(^^)

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