Delicious healing for the BEST flourishing you!

Doing a TLC Reiki for Dr. Meghan Walker, the amazing inspiring speaker of Naturopathic Medicine before her talk at National Women’s Show!

National Women’s Show is happening this weekend at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

I was with Bright almond, the portal site for connecting licensed holistic healthcare professionals  and communities and Dr. Meghan Walker,  my amazing mentor and the gorgeous inspiring speaker and teacher of Naturopathic Medicine and Women’s Wellness.

Someone like her, doing so incredible being a doctor, CEO, mother of two little ones, wife and woman and more(!!!) do really know AND act on taking some time for healing to achieve and maintain such a high level of optimal functioning.  Isn’t that amazing? …yes, she is truly a role model for all women, who is looking for an authentic living with flourishing health and beauty.

And that is the heart of traditional healing practices as well as the integrative and holistic medicine – not only looking at diseases and symptoms, but also more weight on prevention, maintenance and promotion of the best possible health so that one can fully enjoy her/his life and the present moment of here and now.

I am so grateful to have such an opportunity to learn from her 🙂 Her headache was gone by the end of her talk! But, the important note to make here is that I am not exactly the one healing her, but just facilitating the process of her inner healing power to be activated so that it can do its job on its own.

We all have this powerful ability to heal ourselves.

Reiki is one way to effectively and efficiently promote such a process, but basic human physiological functions, such as breathing, sleeping, eating, moving, and connecting are absolute essential to restore and activate our healing power. Needless to say, everything is connected so that we have numerous way to support ourselves depending on what we need or like. How would you like to nurture and awake your inner healer?

When we are in touch with our inner healer to be our authentic best self, isn’t that a very Delicious Moment?

Have a VERY loving Weekend 🙂

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



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