Delicious Healthy New Year!


When you think of Healthy Diet, you might say



must limit


well, I don’t deny that 100%. But I think really healthy diet is a delicious lifestyle, where you can savor your “delicious moments”.

What is it about the dish or food that you feel truly delicious? How are your body, mind, soul, and connection to others related in this very moment? Is it that flavor, that texture, that aroma, that sensation, that feeling, that person, and that place…etc.?

There was another person I met at the Delicious IZAKAYA, and his name is Mr. Nagata who is specialized in

That deliciousness once more ~Re-delicious~!!

With his own personal experiences, he has been passionately and actively contributing to people’s delicious healthy life in Japan! He has even developed this wonderful application called vegeyourself

Maybe there will be some healthy delicious events with him in the future?? I LOVE Happy Healthy Deliciousness (^^)/ 

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


P.S. An apple is one of the most popular healthy food choices, like being said “An apple a day keeps a doctor away from you”. This picture of an apple with this year’s animal snake, is 1200 yen (about $12!!!) at Senbikiya, the high end fruit store in Tokyo. Every time I visit Japan, there is always something quite surprising even it is my home country! Life is very much filled with lots of surprises!

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