Delicious IZAKAYA time!

If you say the end of year party, the venue should be an izakaya, a Japanese style pub. In Toronto, izakaya and ramen noodle restaurants are becoming so popular these days.

Izakaya is a perfect place to enjoy sharing eating and drinking deliciousness with others! So as another highlight of my homecoming was to reunite with old friends. Dr. Koike,one of the pioneers in integrative medicine in Japan and the director of the Integrative Medicine Clinic Koike,  and Mir. Hiro, who was like my old brother during the University of Miami time, and also a founder/CEO of THINCESS, and an experienced consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises,

What is common to all three of us is


Absolutely, there are numerous great health benefits when we enjoy ourselves. Improved immunity from laughter therapy is a great example. Instantly, all our body cells are activated and energized at the moment. The moment of joy lifts up our feelings and smooths the flow of Qi (energy force/vitality). It becomes even better when we engage all our five senses to savor the moment, recognize our mind and spiritual alignment  and share it with others. I met more amazing people who are passionate about health and deliciousness this time, so that as English says, “The more the merrier”, it was exactly the very delicious moment

In 2012, how were your delicious moments that you truly savor and enjoy and share?

In a few hours, I’ll be saying good-bye & thank you to 2012 and all of you through my heart while enjoying delicious “toshikoshi” soba noodle with my family (Eating soba noodle is a traditional practice in Japan for the new year’s eve for wishing the longevity – long life like long soba noodle.).

Have a great New Year’s Eve!!

With great love, hope and gratitude from the bottom of my heart,


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