Delicious Learning from Healing Process♪

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Hello, dear one!

Even though I am a naturopathic doctor, it does not mean that I am always a healthy and happy person (though I AM usually for the most part). Well, I have been in pain physically and emotionally for the past couple of days… as I just gone through a dental surgery for a tooth extraction (>_<)

And of course as I always share with my clients,  I know that

Diseases and symptoms are opportunities to learn about ourselves.

…so let’s look into a “‘You Can Heal Your Body“, a great dictionary-like book from Louise Hay, explaining mind and spirit connections to physical conditions. She states that our mental thought patterns form our experiences so dis-eases are the results of the negative thought pattenrs

Teeth – represents “Decision” 

Teeth problems – longstanding indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions. 

 hrmmmm….. yes, that is what I have been working on.

I know that I have been quite indecisive for many occasions. I must have been suppressing lots of tensions and emotions in my teeth and jaw so that I grind my teeth. So I felt both sorry and grateful for my generous and loving tooth, which was taking care of me, by taking over the hidden pressure and suppressed emotions for all these years. And interestingly, when it broke and also taken out, a lot of emotions with forgotten painful memories came out like a fountain! It was amazing!! I also thing this is a sign that I am now strong and wise enough to face such emotions and pressures so that I can make right decisions

This is the opportunity for me to replace my mental thought patterns with something positive and in line with my true loving nature…

I make my decisions based on the principles of truth, and I rest securely knowing that only right actions is taking place in my life.

From learning the important messages from the body, turning this opportunity into a loving healing process for more love and joy is indeed a Delicious Moments♪

Thank you so much as always and please make sure to take care of your body with love!

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With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


P.S. Other natural remedies – Homeopathic Arnica to reduce the impact of sudden trauma, Castor oil based lavendar oil to reduce inflammation and promote healing, and Natural mouth wash with Manuka honey and propolis that have antimicrobial property as well as powerful tissue healing promotion. Also I used ice packs for hydrotherapy to reduce inflammation, Tibetan singing bowl to harmonize vibration, and taking easy and getting lots of hugs! So my recovery is quite fast (without synthetic antibiotics) and no swelling of face at all 🙂 yay!

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