Delicious Magic of Beautiful Colors

Last weekend, I carried Mikoshi at Japanese New Year Event with Japanese Business Women Association, FTFBW!! It was so much fun and there were lots of people gathered at Japanese Cultural Community Center (JCCC).

Inside of the JCCC, there was a shrine with cutest shrine maidens, Japanese traditional tea serving by women dressed in beautiful Kimono, and many more traditional deliciousness, such as Mochi (Japanese rice cake), Amazake (sweet sake lees drink) Tonjiru (Pork soup) and Onigiri (Rice ball),  freshly made with love for this day!

Onna-Mikoshi (female Mikoshi) was going through this crowds of people, with loud cheering. I think it was quite a scene, but we were so much into this exciting feeling and sensation so that it ended so quickly! After Sanbon-jime, a classic Japanese ceremonial hand-clapping,  the most impressive thin that I witnessed was

beautiful shining smiles of fellow Mikoshi Women!(^v^)

These women are coming from different background – students to wife to moms..etc.. In this modern society, if there were not this opportunity, we probably haven’t had a chance to meet or even accomplish such a great project. Each of us has chosen a certain path by following unique experiences, passion and values so that everyone is flourishing in different, but unique, authentic ways. We say this “Junin Toiro”, meaning “10 people, 10 colors,” or “to each her own.’  This cultural practice of carrying a Mikoshi definitely has united us at the deeper level of our being as Japanese. Moreover, this bond was strongly enhanced by the shared joy, excitement and wonderful sense of accomplishment. Again, I don’t remember how we looked like, but I can guess that we might have looked like a shining rainbow!

We often hear or say that Japanese are good at group activities. That is true and because we value harmony and collaboration. I think this does not mean I have to merge or become someone else’s color and give up my own color, but rather, becoming (or positioning as) a relative color to support and create synergistic beauty, or a contrast color to vividly enhance the beauty of each other.

So, what is your delicious color?

It is not just me or you, but also everyone has a special authentic color within. Therefore, when we truly restore and flourish our beauty within as a whole, don’t you think that we will shine like a rainbow and fill the world with harmony and peace!!??

I am truly grateful that I have met so many wonderful women through re-learning and participating in my own cultural community. Thank you 🙂

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



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