Delicious Marriage!


delicious marriageTonight, it was so nice that my sister’s BF was joining us for dinner. He is a quite loving and reliable man so I am very happy for her as her elder sister 🙂

My father’s secret (but obvious) favorite moment is drinking sake with him. So knowing that fact, I had prepared a souvenir of lovely white wine and smoked salmon from Canada for us to share (and for me to be welcomed).

As you can see on the picture, another snack dish was

Sun-dried Ichita persimmon and cream cheese garnished with my mother’s homemade honey Yuzu♪

You might think, or at least Japanese people would question this strange combination of persimmon and cheese. Persimmon is one of classic Japanese winter fruits. I remember that my grandmother was eating them as they are good for her heart (due to lots of potassium), but must consume in moderation because it will be a bit troublesome (since it is diuretic). Anyhow, a usual combination of dried figs and cheese is so delicious with honey and nuts, and definitely goes well with wine. So I tried this new East-meets-West combination.

What do you think it??

I can tell you that t is so delicious and matches so well with wine too (^o^)/ – in French cuisine, when a pair of ingredients and/or with wine are matching so well, it is said as a good “marriage”. Well, this dish is definitely a successful marriage 😉

This delicious idea is actually from my amazing friend. He is a president of a leading company, in the entertainment industry and travels extensively all over the world to make people smile and bring joy into their life. Definitely he knows how to enjoy his deliciousness in a global way!

Have you ever had an experience, when you tried a combination that has never been considered before, but turned out to be absolutely great and surprised yourself or even others?

In these days, changes are constantly sought mainly due to the quick pace of this modern society. Is it really necessarily to change ourselves all the time? The important thing for us is to recognize and respect what we value, enjoy, and love, and then we can expand them in many ways – rare, medium-rare, well-done, or steam or grilled, and then spice it up, or garnish it with something never done before for a delicious marriage 🙂

Certainly, tonight was another delicious feast and I am so pleased and grateful♪  (and hope this leads up to a delicious marriage for my sister in the near future 🙂

with love, hope and gratitude from my heart to yours.


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