Delicious Maternity & Brith with Reiki Healing♪


Dear amazing you!


wow, more babies –

the Earth Angels are coming down …

especially to my Reiki students and clients.


Maybe because I started e-course learning,

which anyone from anywhere in the world can take?





The Birth of A Life 



is so moving and touching

and such a precious Delicious Moment.



I had attended 3 births in the past

and supported mothers in labour

with acupuncture and aroma for 2 births.


As I recall those experiences,


I remember that mothers have lots to worry

and also lots to go through

physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, socially….

even though it is a normal part of a mother’s life.


So Reiki can help mothers so well,

(and babies of course!)

and you can learn it so easily

and then use it anytime anywhere.



It can be such a safe easy and free healing

for both mother and baby.




when you become a Reiki healer,

you start connecting with energetic layers of our being,

so that I started feeling a baby? for one of my students

and I emailed her.


And this was the response (with her permission)



Hello, my teacher.
Thank you so much for your mail and it made me so happy. 
I was thinking of writing to you today, so that it was a quite surprise to hear from you today!
It was not about Reiki questions actually, but I wanted to tell how I felt after
self-healing last night … it was such a deep experience of love and gratitude…
is it about Reiki? or maybe towards my baby?
I have never experienced something like that before.
This Thursday, the birth will be induced, but I am not really worried much and feel grounded.  After the atonement, you said that you received a message from the baby who would be coming safely. So I was kind of expecting this situation. So I think my baby told me to learn Reiki.
The daily email lesson for the master level is quite intense but I am re-reading when I have time. I look forward to receiving my daily Reiki mail.
I look forward to meeting you someday! (But I am meeting you in my dream already!)
Wow, isn’t that amazing?

It is so nice to know how people can utilize Reiki,

the very own healing power to go through

the normal process of one’s life journey

with confidence and calmness 🙂


And then I received this email a couple days ago!

Good evening my teacher. 
Thank you so much for your email.
I gave a birth to my healthy second baby.
Even though from far away,
I felt you so close to me as if I could see your face!
Thank you so much!!
And then I was surprised again seeing the time that you sent me the email,
My baby was born at 44 minute, and your mail came in at 49 minute!
 The picture of Rosary was so nice – with so much love in it, it looks differently from what I knew about it before. 
I am so glad and lucky that I learned Reiki from you. 
I hope to learning something different next time.
see you then.




I feel so happpppyyyyy and so grateful!!!!!



Yes, I wrote back an email after the first email

with the picture of my Rosary 



Reiki has certainly changed my life so much

and I have witnessed many students like that.

Not only practicing healing, but

many of them are realizing their dreams

that they once shared with me while learning Reiki.

Isn’t that amazing?(^^)




The next style of the Medical Care is the Education –

it is to learn how to


Self-accept, Self-heal, and Self-transcendent.


I really hope that many of you can enjoy

learning some methods to do so

and enjoy your Delicious Life with so much joy & love.


Thank you so much as always!




With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



P.s. I have another student who is due this week…

I am so excited and thinking of her and her baby ~(^^)♪

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