Delicious Moon Watching & Long Food♪

12571240_810765985715829_1121421717_nDear amazing you!


The first full moon of this year is already happening tonight!


So, the picture here is me, eating




in Japanese, it translates as


Moon Watching Udon (Noodle)


because the egg yolk looks like the Moon. hehe



This was the last mean I had this time in Japan

with my dear girl friend.


At the end of every year,

Japanese has a custom to eat Soba noodle

wishing for longevity.

And according to Feng-Shui,

it is also recommended to eat something “long”

to keep the relationship in harmony.


so it is a good idea to eat noodle on your first date♥

(if you would like to keep going with it though)



In fact, I remember eating some sort of noodles

with close people in my life right now…

Just a coincidence?


Anyhow, I am thinking of having noodles tonight,

because I am thinking of Delicious Full Moon Healing Project

which I am committed to continue as long as I can 🙂







Because someone on in this world, actually find this project

and send me a lovely message like this…


Hi Mami,

I get your emails and thank you for doing those.
The one on Nov 25th, I took to a new level for me. 
I created your “Living as you are” excerpt and created a separate document (attached) that I’m using as a meditation. 
I find it really helpful to remind myself how far I’ve come, continue to grow and be less judgmental of myself. Being less self-critical is a big lesson in and of itself.
Kind regards, MA
And here is what she summarized in her email from my newsletter for me.
LIVING AS YOU ARE – Mami Ishii – November 25/15

This is a process of self-acceptance and that is the ultimate healing as well.

It is about remembering and realizing our essence – love, beauty and abundance.

Not affected by past memories and experiences, but to live in the very present moment.

Whatever others say, you are going your own way which gives you true joy and fulfillment.

Our soul knows what’s right and what needs to be done while we are living here.

Full Moon is a perfect timing for letting go of old patterns and biases that we accumulated while we were growing up….

We can easily release whatever we don’t need anymore.

Also Full Moon is the time to manifest.

Think about what you have been building, cultivating, and doing, and everything that enabled you to be here right now,

including your past self….and praise!

You managed and survived and thrived.

That is so amazing and impressive.

You are the precious existence on this Earth.

You are love yourself.

Can you hear the message from so many things – sky, universe, nature, God, Angels, …and more!

They are all reflection of who we are.

Thank you so much for being amazing you!

I am so happy and grateful that you are here right now with us.

When individuals are healed, the ripple effects are created to change surroundings including couple, family, work society,

the world and the universe. 



Reading this email was absolutely fantastic
and touched my heart so warmly and deeply

and was an absolutely my Delicious Moment 🙂


and knowing that she is also joining us tonight

is another Delicious Moment!


and perhaps you are joining us too

and share lots of Love & Gratitude together.

yes, absolutely more Delicious Moments!!!


here is the tonight’s FREE REMOTE HEALING PROJECT!


Thank you so much as always,


with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



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