Delicious Reminder for Mothers – It’s NOT your fault♪


Children are all from Buddha.

Children are gifts from the Heaven.

Children are the mirrors that reflect the Heart of Parents. 


Dear amazing you!



the reason for my birthing pain,

was given a month extension

for its deadline….



I felt a bit empty

and even silly

being so nervous up about it

for the past few weeks…


yes….. was all self-created drama,

and was totally unnecessary.



But when you are once in it,

it is hard to realize what you are doing

and yet therefore,

things and people around you start telling

in one way or another when needed.


Often those people are called “soul mates”

and one of the closest soulmate relationship

is Mother & Child.


SO, no wonder,

there are LOTS of dramas that can happen there.



So I just wanted to say today,

especially to mothers….



It is NOT your fault!



It is NOT your fault that

the child got sick,

the child got bullied,

the child got bad grades

the child got failed the exam

the child got so anxious and cannot go to school,



the child cannot do things that you wish the to do.





In the process of growing up,

it is not easy for children,

but so as for mothers.


And so that often,

mother are more upset

more worried,

more anxious,

more frustrated,

more depressed,

and cannot forgive and accept at all.





Of course it is reasonable

for mothers to concern about their child.


But please remember that


even your child fails,

even your child gives up,

even your child hurts you,


those don’t mean that

they don’t love you.



You may have failed something

you may have missed something

you may have made some mistakes,

you may have hurt your children,




It does NOT mean that



you are not a good mother.




Children have their own learning to do. 




and their learning is different

by generation, country, culture, ..etc.


Recently there are more children

born with quite mature souls

so that they can feel so much,

they can feel the absurdity and contradiction

at home, at school, in the society, and in the world.

without rational understanding and explanation.


This is quite scary and overwhelming for them,

and so that they often express their distress

through their behaviors.


These children are often called as

Indigo or crystal children..etc.


And often in the current medical system,

they are give certain diagnosis and

medicated to control their feelings and sensitivity.



This is a social phenomenon.



It is not a problem,

not a deficiency,

nor a disability,




it is a


for those children to cultivate

and flourish as a unique being in this world.




you are also






Because of you,

the child can feel support to be herself or himself,

the child can feel secure to live here,

the child can feel encouragement to act.

the child can feel strong to overcome challenges,

the child can feel love to love oneself, you, others, and world.





your child chose you as his or her mother.





Please remember that.

Please be proud to be the mother.




Your child knew that you are the light

which keeps shining on him or her

to have hope and inspiration in life

even in the darkest moments in life.




It is like a Sun,

shining on the land,

so that seeds can sprout and

grow into trees,

and flower,

and fruit,

and drop some seeds onto the Earth again,

to repeat this precious cycle of life.



For children,

for family,

for the society,


Mothers are the SUN.







your smile,

the warm look,

happy face,

gentle voice

and kind words,


that can embrace warmly and safely

the fragile little hearts of children,

who could be so anxious and confused,

for protection and healing,


and also,

provide bright light of encouragement and inspiration


for the children to embrace their own learning

to grow and transform into the light themselves.



Aren’t you amazing?





Thank you SO much to all mothers in the world –

You are absolutely amazing!!



With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


2 Responses to Delicious Reminder for Mothers – It’s NOT your fault♪

  1. Shirley Zussman December 19, 2015 at 11:51 am #

    Thank you, dear Mami, for these words of love and encouragement. You are a special source of light, energy, compassion and love…and a gift to all.



    • January 7, 2016 at 10:39 am #

      Dear beautiful Shirley,

      Thank you so much for sharing
      your kindest words and love with me!

      I am just a reflection of you 🙂

      you are so amazing, Shirley
      and I do so much admire you both!

      You guys are bright shining stars★

      Thank you.