Delicious Reminder: How to Digest Your Negative Emotions♪


Dear amazing you!


What I do to support my clients often is teaching


How to savour the undigested emotions. 



As we are living, we feel various emotions.


If you are some sort of a drama queen,

then you might be experiencing

a lot more than others – lol

and attracting such



And then the more serious you are (like me),

you might think that you should not be negative,

and trying so hard to feel better and positive

and pushing away or suppressing the honest raw emotions.


So when the right time comes, they come up naturally anyways

to be released even without our consciousness

as it is just an energy, which keeps flowing while we are living.



So, it is TOTALLY okay

to feel negative emotions ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ♪



More abundant you are in terms of emotions,

the bigger the capacity of holding and putting up with,

you would probably feel a lot more than others,

but totally it is okay.



If you don’t know negatives,

you won’t know positives.




… then it might be hard to be positive.



When you know negatives,

you know positives.


If the morning comes,

the night comes eventually.


That’s it.


That is  about “what is a day”

explained super simple.


And this is same for our emotion –

it’s so simple.


It is not bad or good, right or wrong,


It is just about “what is emotion”


There are negative ones, positive ones and neutral ones,

and yet no one to be judging them.


It is just about what emotions are.


ultimately. it is about



「Living as a human being on this Earth」





It is okay for you to be negative or positive,

cause your soul is happy to experience human emotions

either ways.

and that was a purpose of soul coming here, in your body.


So let it experience what wants to experience

so that the learning can be finished to move on.


Then let’s just savour…

immerse into your emotions,

chew well..




NOT by thinking.




Because when we stagnate our emotions,

things can get sluggish or even stagnated.

And things can get stagnated in water

as it is the place for the memory to be held.


And when it happens for a period of time,

it can start expressing as a bodily symptom

so that now we can identify and know easily.



But if you really let your bodily cells experience

all the emotions and sensations,

the information can be finally processed within cells






Your soul is happy

savouring the experience of living as a human being.



It is great to have some varieties of flavours,

even sourness or bitterness, as

they can deepen the deliciousness of life as a whole.


Isn’t it a very Delicious Moment?


It is okay to be who you really are.


It is already so amazing that

you are here and living right now.



If we are to savour anyways,

isn’t it better to be a beautiful experience?


So, let’s enjoy Delicious Life together, Shall we?(^^♪



Thank you so much as always

to amazing you♡


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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