Delicious roots of my passion


Today, I have visited a few people at my home town.

Needless to say, I am here, because of these fortunate encounters with wonderful people in my life.

One of them was an owner/baker of a local bakery, Kajiya Alice. When I was a high school student, I worked there for a couple of years till I went to the U.S.

The owner was (and still is) very passionate about people and life. Those days, he was listening to one particular radio program, which talked about series of real heart-warming little stories. He was always so touched by them and shared many of those with me including his own stories.

“What would you do if you were in that situation?”

he often asked me.

His such strong passion and love are also obvious in his bread-making. Through numerous trials and errors, he began to make natural yeast bread around that time,  with a concept of

Delicious & Healthy♪

Despite of several health challenges for himself, I am so grateful that he has continued his passionate bread making today. As a souvenir, he gave me his even more delicious natural yeast bread and a book filled with even more intense heart-felt stories.

ImageThanks to this reunion that reaffirmed where I was coming from and what was (and is) really important for me. This was in fact, my another precious delicious moment♪

What or who reminds you where you are coming from, who you are, or your passion and dreams?

Wish you all more delicious moments to reaffirm our authentic being!

With great love and hope and gratitude from the heart.


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