Delicious Surprises

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The other day, I received a call from a holistic nutrition school where I teach.  It was about little bit after 10AM.

“Can you teach a botanical class?”

The principal of the school asked me right away. She remembered seeing lots of herbs at my office – I have more than 30+ dried herbs to blend a customized healing herbal tea for my patients when they come in. Yes, I do love and resonates with plants in many ways…

So, I was about to say, “Sure, that would be my pleasure!”…. but, before doing so, she continued saying

“The class starts from 1:30pm today and it is a 3 hour class.”

REALLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!!????? Not next month, nor next week, it starts about in 3 hours??  She then added that the usual lecturer for this class had a bad food poisoning and other teachers are also not available, so that means I am the only one possibility…

Well, by chance, I had that time frame available but I did have other obligations in the morning so that I could have less than 1 hour to prepare for this class…. would that be possible to do this?

Again, I love plants, and I did extensively study botanical medicine for 4 years.., but never taught a class on this topic before. And usually I do spend hours for research and then create powerpoint slides and notes for my class.

hrmmmm…after some thoughts (in few seconds), I asked her to send me the class outline to decide whether that would be doable or not. Reading over the outline, most of the words are  actually quite familiar.

Maybe I can do this. 

In fact, it was such an honorable thing that the principal of the school places her precious trust in me to teach her students in an emergency situation like this.  Well, this challenge won’t come to me if I can’t handle it….

Okay! Let me do this 🙂

That was my decision.

My mind and body went through quite a lot in the the next few hours. My heart was pounding, so nervous and pressured, and even questioned myself if I were doing the right thing… and then anyways I started pulling out my old textbooks, notebooks and current internet database to confirm the right information for each topic to be covered. Teaching certainly requires responsibility.

And finally when I got to the classroom, there was a nice surprise. These students were whom I taught the class on Healthy Aging 🙂  – very enthusiastic and proactive learners who ask lots of questions and participate in class discussion.

Three hours passed by so fast!

In milieu of powerpoint slides, the whiteboard was filled with lots of writings. And I surprised myself by realizing how much I actually knew this topic, and how much I gained new knowledge since my school years, and even how much I am actually using this information in my clinical practice. I also remembered my childhood – that my grandma and I made special herbal rice cakes in the springtime and my father made me a saffron tea when I had a headache…and so on.  As one of hobbies, my father grows many vegetables such as potatoes (as seen in picture), sweet potatoes, peanuts, and azuki beans! He enjoys it very much and definitely makes other people happy as well with his delicious harvest (^_^)

Anyhow, at the end, my class went well, and students were happy and the principal was happy, so I was happy too. Big relief!

I realized that teaching is not about only providing new information, but also supporting the process of digesting and absorbing the new information provided through integrating existing knowledge and experiences – personal stories.

Just like food, it is not just what to learn, but also how to learn is important. If I did turn down this opportunity, I would have not realized this important fact in teaching. So I am very grateful for today’s surprise call, which brought more pleasant surprises and realizations about myself and others.  This was very much my delicious moment, indeed!

Thank you so much, as always.

Happy Delicious Weekend with Supermoon!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart to yours.


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