Deliciousness in “En” Cycles of Our Life 


Happy Delicious Easter!! It is one of the most important days in Christianity and I was fortunate to attend a concert and a mass at churches in my neighborhood, and loved its beautiful sacred music… Depending on the chosen faith of people, some are celebrating this weekend with specific practices of breaking fast or other special diet & food items.

I have been also on a special diet myself. Spring season is the best time for cleansing and detoxification, to reset our body, mind and soul and to reborn.  In fact, our bodies go through continuous cycles of “rebirth”. Our well-made human bodies seem like always alive, yet they are actually going through the cycle of birth and death in various parts. For example, our intestinal environment turns over every week, skin is about 28 days, red blood cells are about 120 days, and our skeletons take about 10 years to be completely renewed and replaced. That’s why it is possible and important that we mindfully eliminate toxins and things we do no longer need and consciously welcome healing and nourishing things into our body, mind and soul through periodical cleansing and detoxification.

So, we DO reborn periodically, from the outside in and also from the inside out.

Even the Bible says ‘You must be born again.’

According to the Five Elemental Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring season is a time of reincarnation to encourage growth and development. In association with this season, Liver is the most activated organ. Liver is a very important organ responsible for the detoxification function. As we become more sensitive to and process various toxins including stress, the emotion of irritation and anger arises easily at this time. Liver is also responsible for hormone metabolism and so this is a great time to heal and nourish endocrine and reproductive organs that may cause conditions such as diabetes and infertility. We can support this process by incorporating a color of green and flavour of sourness. Nature is a wonderful thing when I think about it – as the weather is warming up, the green sprouts and leaves are coming out, flowers are starting to bloom to please our eyes, and we enjoy some refreshing deliciousness, such as vinegarret salads and citruses. A glass of lemon water is a great way to start a cleansing Spring day!

Besides dietetics, there are a variety of cleansing methods, from sleeping, psychotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy to exercise,…etc. Cleansing is not happening just on our body, but also on mind, and energy/soul and even our relationships and society.

So what do you think the easiest way of detox/reborn that anyone can do?

It is…


Yes, It is breathing.  We have been breathing and are breathing right now right here (I hope!). From the moment of birth, human life usually starts with exhalation through crying, and then concludes with inhalation on deathbed. Therefore, as we continue to breath, we are actually repeating this cycle of birth and death every few seconds. We do reborn every few seconds.

Are you taking some time and thoughts into your re-birthing rituals in any ways? Maybe it is a good time to do so right now? 🙂

Birth and death KlimtGustav-ThreeAgesofWoman1905

…sound like two exact opposite words that are separate entities. But they can be seen as just two dots on the same circle called life. This circle of life seems to keep going around and around. Each of us has a unique circle of life, which comes in a different size, shape, orientation, speed, ..etc., and most importantly, they all have special shine that are so authentic and beautiful. Time to time, these circles also come together and connected, and lead to the flourishing delicious moment♪  In Japanese, interestingly, a circle is called “En” and a precious encounterment is also called “En” (sometimes called “Ichigo-Ichie” or “Goen” as well).

I am very grateful for this “En”, the very precious opportunity for our circles to meet and connect in this way. Hope this delicious circles to be spread more to embrace and radiate the authentic beauty within each of us and many more to flourish our beautiful health…while we keep breathing slowly and deeply 🙂

Thank you very much as always & Happy Delicious Spring!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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