Deliciousness of Communication with Love Language♥ (2)

love letter 2Dear amazing you!


Feb 21st was the International Mother Language Day.


Needless to say,

language is a tool to express ourselves

as human beings.


It is so nice to have a common tool

to share the experiences together.




So it is indeed amazing for me

to be able to share with you through this page like this.

Thank you 🙂




and yet, for me,

as you can tell that

English is not my mother tongue.


Japanese is and has been always the language

which speaks my heart and

reaches the deepest part of my soul.

(though I like many English expressions that

Japanese don’t have)




Before, I talked about Love Language…

and clearly there are some ways

to express and receive Love.



Do you remember which one is yours?

words, gifts, touch, time and/or action?



For me, it is WORDS.




So, I didn’t realize that communicating love in Japanese

could make me feel so touched~(n*´ω`*n)



It is a very loving Mother Language Delicious Moment♪



When you speak to your lover in his or her Mother tongue,

it may soften and strengthen your relationship….

regardless of knowing the love language of each other

(though it really helps to understand each other

to practice the love language)



Thank you, ありがとう、謝々、Merci, Danke, ….

(please teach me yours!)



With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,





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