Deliciousness of Mother’s Love

Deliciousness Love_Sweetpotato rice

Lately, I am having and cherishing various opportunities to meet many moms in both private and public occasions. It is probably accurate to say that women gain or flourish an another layer of strong inner true beauty by becoming a “mother”.

March is somewhat a special month for me as there is my mother’s birthday and also my parents’ wedding anniversary. LONG time ago, a free-spirited cheerful mother was born and then a couple decades later met my father, who is pretty serious, but very loving father, and then me and my sister were born.

My mother was a special education teacher. She used to work till so late, sometimes without sleep, to create school-related documents, and even visit the homes of students to speak with their parents on weekends. She was such a busy mother, yet she still fed us and raised us without any complaints.  So when I complain about my little issues,  my mother often said to me..

“You are so lucky to have such time to think about that much!”

and my instant response was.. “Oh, mother, isn’t this a conversation where you should comfort me?”

Well, life is not easy and c’est la vie. However, after her retirement, she has been becoming a more closer confidant for me as she finally gained more time in her hands. She always says to me that

“You should do the thing that you believe and make you happy.”

You can imagine the healing and loving power of these words when coming from own mother.

It is so obvious that the mother’s health is reflected in a family’s health.

When I was a junior high school student, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. My father was away for work but decided to come home to take care of my mother. With almost no knowledge of medicine back then, my immature brain and heart were filled with fear for unknown with unspecific guilt and became kind of unspoken shared feelings with my father and sister. Unknown fear often paralyzes people, if not dealt with properly, and so even makes it difficult to ask for help or rely on other people. I didn’t share about this experience at home nor at school at that time. But one day my father said to both my sister and me, “Let’s support your mother together because she is the one going through the most touch time right now.”

That’s when I swore to my young heart that I would do anything to be able to support my mother. However, I was still afraid to see my mother in the hospital bed so I always waited in the parking lot when my family visited her at the hospital. Finally after successful operation, my mother came home and I saw her face with some ease in my mind.

About 20 years have past since then… Now my parents both seem to be enjoying theire retimenet life going to swimming lessons and Qigong as a couple or taking Japanese sweets and dolls craft lessons separately.

Now my mother often says

“I am becoming happier and happier every year I age (^ ^) ♪”

with her beautiful smile like a bright spring sunshine.

I am sure that there must have been many times that my mother just wanted to give up or quit everything all together. But I was reminded the heart-felt fact by a lovely mother in Toronto the other day. She said that the most precious and best wish that the parents can have for themselves is for their children to be happy. Period. And so that this desire deeply rooted in their heart can help mothers and fathers to get through whatever the difficulties or challenges that continuously surface and still find the meaning and true happiness in them. 

Japanese expression for the comfort food made by mother is “Haha no Aji” or “Ofukuro no Aji” – and its direct translation is “a Mother’s Flavour”.

The “Haha no Aji“, the deliciousness of Mother’s Love is not definitely just the comfort taste of food that mothers cook for their children but also every word and action from them with deep love and the fact that mothers are flourishing their health and beauty. I believe this is an optimal source of nourishment for our body, mind and soul to achieve the true happiness at home through delicious moments 🙂

In a few days, my mother is gaining (or perhaps shedding off?) another layer of wisdom and beauty and even becoming more happy! – which makes me and also my family feel happy and grateful as well. For the world to be filled with true happiness and delicious moments for all, I wish for all mothers to flourish their beautiful health, with love, hope and gratitude from my heart.

Thank you very much & Happy Birthday to my amazing mother 🙂


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