Deliciousness of Nourishment for our Mind & Soul :)

lillyI LOVE flowers 🙂 They come in so many colors, shapes and fragrance by seasons and they just lift my spirit and nourish my mind & soul.

Yes, things that are nourishing to our heart are also important to our health besides healthy diet, exercise, sleep..etc. They maybe more important that what we do to our body.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, a great mind-body medicine icon, inspiring speaker, and author of “Mind over Medicine” says

“The body does not shape our lives. The body is actually a mirror of how we live our lives.”

It is not how to make our body, but it is how to live our lives is so essential for our wellness. Then what does shape how we live?

That is….

our MIND.

It is the control center for our inner healing power to be activated or deactivated. In her book, Dr. Rankin talks about numerous scientific evidence that indeed proof our mind’s healing capability over body.

so, it is evident that we need good nourishment for our mind and soul!

My favorite Samurai doctor from 17th century , Ekiken Kaibara said “Mind is the owner of our body” and so that it is important to take care of it through mindful practice in daily living. The purpose of living is not just to live long without illness, but also to savour and enjoy each moments of our lifetime.

What nourishes your mind and soul?

It may make you feel excited, relaxed, happy, or even make you cry or laugh so hard so that you can release whatever you kept in for a long time….

For me, definitely music and flowers are my soulful nourishment! So it was incredible to visit a free concert at the music garden last week. Feeling the cool breeze of summer evening, smelling sweet aroma of gorgeous lilies, and listening to the melancholic melodies and harmonies of Celtic music with fiddle…..awww yes, that was very Delicious Moment

Wish your summer is filled with lots of Delicious Moments!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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