Deliciousness of Our Consciousness: Healing the Trauma in Human History♪ (2)


Dear amazing you 🙂


My new life in Japan has been

filled with so so so much 〜((´∀`*)) 。


So it is so obvious…



A Time to SHINE for each of us as light is here✨

。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。 ゜




You might recognize the darker shadow

and things that have been hidden underneath the darkness.


So it is the optimal time for us to recognize the light


and most importantly,


the very fact that we are the light ourselves


Science has been discovering many ways to show

that we are really the light being….


I mentioned about healing the trauma in our history last year….

[:en]Deliciousness of Our Consciousness: Healing the Trauma in Human History♪[:ja]負の歴史の清算:愛の意識の覚悟をするとき♪[:]



and that is still happening in all levels of our life right now.


The root of our own history in this life time is

the history with our parents. 


If you have been going through some dark periods,

you are just remembering to see the light yourself..



remembering that you came here with the light

to experience the darkness to realize the light.



The brighter the light is,

the darker the shadow could be.


Just that(人´∀`)


It is not our God, or Buddha who can shine the light on us.

It is ourselves who can shine as being the light ourselves.



This is the time to fully experience such preciousness of our being.


Isn’t that a very Delicious Moment in life?ヾ(´∇`。*)ノ


Thank you so much as always,


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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