Deliciousness of Our Consciousness: Healing the Trauma in Human History♪

smudgeDear amazing you!


Are you enjoying your DELICIOUS healing visualization?


It is so incredible when activating our right brain.

No wonder that top athletes and surgeons are practicing image training

to optimize their performance in the real situations.

And it is something that ANYONE can do so that

please keep enjoying it too!



And when you combine with stimulating five senses,

it is even more effective so that

I use several tools in my practice …


like the one in the picture above –


this is called SMUDGE.


It is a Native Indian ritual to burn dried herbs

to purify and cleanse the energy.



This is something used in the Asian traditional cultures

as burning incents is a staple in spiritual practice.


Even in the western research studies,

its effectiveness at biological level has been proven!

It is just so amazing to realize the wisdom of our ancestors…



Anyhow, should I continue where I left off yesterday?

What happened to me after I missed the flight to go to Yellow Knife…



*aw by the way, it is going to be really wired so that

if you are not too sure to read something very strange,

please do not go forward!*


So, okay,

you are the brace one. hehehe.


I was waiting for 6 hours at the airport before the next flight.

I didn’t want to waste time so I was writing my newsletter for full moon…

and then time finally came for me to board again,

but this time, the aircraft was connecting through Calgary instead of Edmonton.


So, I got on the flight


and arrived Calgary Safely,


and connected flight smoothly….


was the plan…






as soon as I landed at the Calgary airport,

I started feeling so sick – nauseated and sweating profusely,

as if I am going through some withdrawn symptoms.


but I was not on anything…


and I was trying to figure out what’s going on…

at least I am a doctor so that I should have some idea…

but I just could not think of anything.


I became quite concerned whether I could continue this trip…

and then arrived at the connecting gate.


I was able finally and barely sat on the bench facing the outside.



and then,



I saw something right in front of me.




A torturing scene of First Nation people. 



It looked just so real, more real than seeing on the screen…

I felt my entire body was freezing.


I could hear the screaming voice,

smell the warm blood,

see all kinds of heart-less actions and more sound…


I could not believe what was going on in front of me!



and at the same time, I realized something that


I was called.

I was called to be here today.



I don’t know why, but I just thought so.

and so that what I did was visualizing

to bring love and light into the scene,

healing everyone and everything there.





yes, that’s all what I did and I could do.


I know it is so strange…


and after a while,

I started feeling better and seeing

some people turning into lights and

started floating up towards sky.




By the time I felt completely okay,

everything returned to normal.


There were just an airport, people, aircraft and stores.






What has happened?



What do you think it was?



This country, Canada actually has a dark side to its history –

pretty dark and heavy indeed.

And of course it is not only for this country,

but for many in this world.


We have repeated so many tragedy and negative karmas.



and something is telling us now….

it’s time to realize that

our consciousness is creating our reality. 


What’s happening in front of us is

just a reflection of what’s happening inside of us.


It is a way to learn what’s inside of our mind.


When the world is having a disaster,

we have some disaster in our mind.

The world is just showing us about that fact.


And that is how the world has been showing us

what we have been doing to and on this Earth.



And it is time for us to realize the fact

that by shifting our consciousness into love & light,

this society and world are also going to shift.








After this incidence at the Calgary airport,

I actually experience something similar

at Yellow Knife too, but that time,

I was not by myself, but with others to do the same thing.



yes, I know it is hard to believe,

but that was what I experienced.


Even though it was so strange,

now I cannot deny for what I actually experienced,

and even shared with other people.




it does not matter what it was.


We just need to realize that

it’s time.


That’s why the world is really showing us

what we need to face, see and realize

what we have been doing, thinking and being.





please don’t be afraid.


please don’t run away.



It is not about hurting you or anyone.


It is about knowing the amazing power we all have within,

that we can bring bright light into the world with love and gratitude.

It’s time to be consciously aware and realize our responsibility

to be the light ourselves.






Are you ready?



That is how we can start healing the trauma

that we have created in our human history.



and that would be a historical healing Delicious Moment♪





I really really thank you

for being the precious love and light yourself.


Thank you.


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



ps. because of the late flight and arrival,

I got to see the amazing aurora on the very first night 🙂

Yay! It must be a good karma 😀


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