Deliciousness of Returning Home with Love



Life itself is a process of growth that starts with the growth of the body and its organs, moves through the development of motor skills, the acquisition of knowledge, the extension of relationships and ends in the summation of experience that we call wisdom.  These aspects of growth overlap, since life and growth take place in a natural, cultural and social environment. And though the growth process is continuous, it is never even. …. so a person can grow only by strengthening his roots in his own past. And a person’s past is his body.

from Bioenergetics by Alex Lowen 


Good morning to amazing you!

Today is the LAST day of March!!!

It is amazing to know that the April is here tomorrow 🙂

To me, it feels like that April is a staring month as

Japanese school year starts from April.


It coincides with April 4th Libra Full moon so that

maybe that’s why i am also processing a lot for myself,

which is also amazing too and I concluded one of them today.


I started the 6-weeks project and I did not know what to expect,

but now what I feel is



Coming back to home(^^)



It is nothing special, yet so profound.


It is ordinary, but extraordinary.


It feels normal, but so grand.


It kinds of feel like ice is melting to return the original form,

like the one in the picture.


So I think what I was going through was



Releasing Cellular Memories.




In 1980’s, Researches at National Institute of Mental Health in the States

found that bodily cells besides brain also possess various receptors

to feel and process and REMEMBER .

So, it became clear that memories are not only stored in the brain, but also


Our body has cellular memories.


When your thoughts and consciousness shift, 

it is actually means that  those memories are touched

so that what you can modify the memory, and

ideally getting to the truth of what really is

to live and appreciate this present moment.



Everything we need is within us.


The past is past, what your memories are existing in the present moment.

You cannot change your past, but you can change your memories.


In order to do that, we all need to come back to our home,

which is our body, and also being in harmony with our mind and soul –

the beautiful wholesomeness of who we are

and that leads us to the




you are beautiful as you are.


It is so typical for us to think and feel only in our head,

yet it will never help us to get to the truth as

we are not accessing to our cellular memories.

That’s why it is so easy to have repeating thoughts

over, over and over and over again,

because it won’t go anywhere nor change that way!



So, let’s come back to our body.


Let’s savour the true beauty of who you are through your body.


Besides the project I was working on with the amazing healer, Caroline,

I attended the workshop, over the weekend and practiced moving from the uterus.

It was somewhat strange at first, but it was quite powerful to reconnect with own body.


Well, men cannot try this, but certainly I recommend all women to try that!


When you are returning your home, your divine body,

it welcomes you as you belong there and it is there for you,

and you can savour the love, safety and comfort and pleasure

as well as all other emotions, feeling and sensations as who you really are

as a whole Divine being.


Would that be a Delicious Moment?


Thank you so much as always to amazing you!

Have a wonderful day 🙂


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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