Deliciousness of the Sharing Ritual: A Dinner of Delicious Moments

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It was a pleasure to be in a meditative experiential group experience involving food

(sensually and intellectually , in abundance and in variety , unexpected and chosen for us), 

but simultaneously periodic silences, focus on mentalization and personal experience

while what emerged from the beginning of separation was a sense of collective

or “group” appreciation , for me it was rather like a spiritual “service” or a ritualized meal

we actually spoke of ritual at the end , of our families, of our person, 

of myth and religious or cultural spaces enriching all of us.

Child psychiatrist (participant)

Good morning to amazing you!

Today is another beautiful morning

and with a delicious sweet aroma

from the sugar factory nearby… (^^)

Aroma is so powerful and the effect is so instant!


There was another Dinner of Delicious Moment last weekend,

@ my fav Italian in Toronto, enoteca sociale

along with the convention by American Psychiatric Association.


When I look back,

obviously this dining event has been a significant milestone in my life path –

for what I have lived through so far, it has turned into this group experience.

And because I love deliciousness, naturally delicious things are attracted to me!


The first DLM dining was in Verona, Italy.

Italian cuisine is also not just about food, but is a culture,

religion, spirituality, philosophy, and people and history.

So it just matches perfectly with this concept.

(Yet I am dreaming of doing with a Kaiseki cuisine chef one day…)

So it is about



Savouring the Beauty of Wholesomeness.



It is about appreciating life,

and sharing the joy with others.

our ancestors always have been doing so

in daily customs, traditional rituals and a way of living.


And you know what?

I think it is quite tough to be a psychiatrist.


In this modern society,

if you are not aware, and not doing anything,

it is NORMAL to be depressed and very negative.

Because almost everything out there is like that.

We have mirror neurons in our brain to copy

whatever we see and encounter in front of us.



Yes, that is the normal.


Of course you might feel good or bad about it,

but the fact itself is not about that, yet just as it is.

If you are depressed right now,

that is not bad or good, but you are just in resonance

with the society and just that.


So if you would like to be functionally and be happy,

it takes a little bit of effort to be abnormal. yes, ABNORMAL.

It is almost like going against the gravity.

but you are standing anyway, so that is the same thing.

Once you get used to it, it is not that bad at all

and certainly you can do it if you want to.


And the easiest way to go about that is




Yes, if you can just avoid it, why not?

You don’t need to waste your precious time, effort, resources…etc.

BUT, if this is your job to encounter negativity all the time,

you cannot do that, unless you change your profession.


The second, and probably the most common way that people are doing

and in someway, unspokenly expected in medical community is




Yes, NOT feeling.


Well, if you are not feeling,

you probably won’t be affected by what you are feeling.

But if you are not feeling, how would that make your life eventually?


The most joyful and loving way to do so is probably



Savouring the beauty.


..being moved, being touched by the miracle that you are.

..the path you have taken to get here till this day.

.. the resilience you have cultivated to not given up till this day.

.. various thoughts and emotions that your heart has handles and contained till this day.

.. tears that you let flow and tears that you withheld.

.. smiles that you made and smiles that just happen.

.. care that you have passed on with your heart to someone.

.. the person who has been always with you.

.. people, things and memories that you have been always cherishing…



The fact that you are living in this moment,

the accumulating of miracles  has been supported by eating.


When we are savouring this preciousness of our meaningful existence,

isn’t that a very Delicious Moment?


In traditional cultures,  I believe that the healing rituals and ceremonies are

to appreciate and enjoy the divine gift of our precious life on this Earth

so that we know…realize and remember why we came here to begin with.


It gives you a reason that why you are here.


Isn’t that a best medicine?


Thank you so much as always!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,




Picture: Thanks to amazing world leader in medicine and peace!!

DLM Toronto2015

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