Deliciousness of the Supermoon Night


 “..often our own wounds makes us trustworthy and give us the wisdom and power to heal. Our wounds enable us to trust the healing process. Our hurts can move us beyond judgement and teach us compassion for the hurts of other people. Our loneliness enables us to recognize loneliness in others despite the masks that we all wear and to find them when they are lost in the dark.”

~Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

We all have pain and wounds somewhere, or at least experienced them at some point in our life time. What do you do about them?

Dr. Remen, the mind-body-spirit medicine icon, teaches about what healing really is, and what medicine is to not only patients, but also physicians and medical students because she believes in our “Will to Live”. It is the very source of healing power within each individuals.

Perhaps, most of us are not too consciously living with such an awareness nor determination unless we encounter special occasions. Well, luckily, I had a great opportunity where I could realize and re-connect with my “Will to Live” last weekend.

It was a camping at the Algonquin park, an amazing Canadian National Park. After three hours of canoeing, we settled at a peaceful spot in the middle of Canadian wilderness, and were greeted by various wild animals such as blue jays, loons, and turtles. Even though weather forecast was thunder storm all weekend, the sky eventually cleared up and sun came out!

We (or I?) named this trip

“Supermoon camping”

As the name suggests, the weekend was when you could observe the Supermoon which is the full moon closest to the earth, happening every 14 full moon cycles.  It is supposed to be 30% brighter and 13% bigger than the usual full moon. Historically the moon cycle is closely related the evolution of human history as seen in the lunar calender and various rituals. It is also fascinating that women’s menstrual cycles have been tied to the moon and the lunar cycle for literally thousands of years. Moreover, full moon is also said to symbolize accomplishment and completion therefore it is also a good time to purify and release toxins and unnecessarily baggage.

So, secretively, I was so excited and actually planned to be cleansed and healed with the energy of Mother Nature during this Supermoon camping trip.

It was carried out in a specific manner. First, writing down things that you want to let go or cleanse, such as pain and sufferings on the paper and then burn in the camp fire with thoughts of gratitude.  Yes, it was a burning ritual. Burn has been done in various forms since ancient times like a goma ceremony in Buddhism, to even modern days of Burning Man in Nevada, USA. Anthropologically, rituals are known to strengthen solidarity and signifies the meaning and psychologically, rituals also help to organize emotions and feelings by preparing and providing a specific framework to do so.

Anyhow, I thought I would look too weird to do this by myself, so I invited my friends to join me and started this purification ritual together. The more the merrier, isn’t it?? Despite of some initial suspicious responses from guys (of course), I kept doing and everyone was eventually pretty focused on this group cleansing process.

As we silently looked at burning papers with our pain and suffering and rising smoke from them, the Supermoon started coming out. And more silence followed for a while.

Later that night, we kept having so much fun singing old Japanese songs and savouring campfire cooking.

Dr. Remen said that

“What is needed for the healing of suffering is compassion and companionship, not expertise. “

What really leads to true healing is the fundamental quality as a human being. Because we have been hurt, because we have felt the pain, the very living experiences have deepened and strengthened our compassion and understanding for self and others, ultimately our healing power within so that we can flourish as we are.

Our wounds and pain are opportunities to reconnect with our “Will to Live”, which gives us a hope and courage to commit into living with integrity, resilience, and compassion.

This was my precious learning & healing through this Supermoon camping with my amazing friends. What a delicious moment!

Wish you a great summer filled with lots of delicious moments too!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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