Deliciousness of Uncertainty♪


I am still continuing the What Went Well (3 blessings) exercise every night. It is becoming easier to find more than three blessings a day – I am finding more blessings than I thought I would, even when my day was difficult, it was filled with so many good things! Have you tried it yet?

BUT, I was still not convinced because even though one day goes well, who knows whether tomorrow would go well too? Perhaps that is being pessimistic? Well, the universe is always generously providing the right answer when we are in need and ask for it.

The answer was delivered through the words from my favorite amazing celebrity, Anthony Robbins! He is so inspiring and passionate (and so handsome too :)!

So he said:

Quality of our life is directly proportional to living in uncertainty. 

What do you think?

For all human beings, it is important to have some certainty in our lives. And it is one of the 6 human needs that Tony Robbins has identified.

6 Human Needs 

  1. Certainty/Comfort
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Connection/Love
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

However, how would you feel if we have certainty in EVERY things that we do,

e.g.) tomorrow’s weather, the weekend date with your new partner, story of the movie that you are going to watch next week, the future of your children, yourself at the age of 80…etc.

Convenient? or Boring?

Because of uncertainty, we often work hard and try to be creative to achieve more certainty. In fact, we also need other factors that are kind of uncertain such as variety and growth. And they bring us more excitement and fulfillment in our lives.

For example, most of us learn how to ride a tricycle when we are kids. From there, we progressed to learn how to ride bicycle, motorbike, automobile, train, and airplane, and maybe soon a spaceship! In one way, we all have tapped into the “uncertain” vehicle world as we grow up with an advancing technology. If I just stay where I felt comfortable and certain like a tricycle and did not try anything new and uncertain, I would have not been here in Canada right now.

Our days are filled with so much uncertainties, but every day is a new beginning as people always say. So we can try something new, something different so that we can open the door to the new world, and therefore the quality of our life improve.

So Tony’s word is helping me to shift my thinking from

“I am so worried about what’s gonna happen”,


“I am excited about what’s gonna happen!”


Incorporating something new and different, even something little, is also leading to Delicious Moments, isn’t it?

So I am trying out the new gym at where I live. Before, I was thinking that exercising indoors with machines was too artificial (yes, I was biased). However, I am discovering that counting and completing the certain numbers of sets do give me a great sense of accomplishment too! And of course it is so much fun and enjoyable to have a company to share with 🙂

What is your new Delicious Moment this summer?

Thank you so much as always!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart to yours.


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