Deliciousness of Work with PASSION

Mami presentingI have been super grateful and happy that I have been sharing with many people at various occasions this year, including the conference in Verona, workshops and seminars in Toronto!  They are all fun and I am so excited for more to come.

After all, I really LOVE sharing ♪

I think it is really the best way to learn and have fun. The sense of security and unity as a group is always a great enriching factor which connects all of us to have a powerful experience together. In many cases, we feel at ease by realizing we are not alone. Also hearing other’s opinion gives us deeper insights or even open our eyes to new perspectives on familiar topics.

So to me, I strongly believe that sharing is a powerful ultimate form of healing. And being a naturopathic doctor, I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of such great opportunities with many people. And this is my passion.

Certainly there are always many challenges, but they are opportunities necessary for me to become more creative, resilient and grow. That means they are to be welcomed, aren’t they?

The honorary chaiman of Kyoto Ceramics, Mr. Kazuo Inamori said

“Whether you do work that you can put your heart into it or not throughout your life time, that dictates your happiness in life.”

The author of Mind over Medicine and amazing holistic medical doctor, Dr. Lissa Rankin said

“In the process of ultimate healing, it is essential that you can pour the passion and talents into your work as that will lead to a happy real health.”

If we all work with passion, we all can have better chance of creating a happy healthy life.

Work does not have to be limited to only “work” in companies, but it can also include the role in the home like “being a mother” or “homemaker”, or even “nice helpful neighbor” in the community.

Whatever it is, Mr. Inamori & Dr. Rankin said the same thing about what is the most important thing about having a work with passion. That is…

Having a meaning.

Each of us can probably find some meaning in our work.  Through our work, we’ve been contributing for the happiness of someone in someway somehow. This may be happening directly, or indirectly,  but it is still true that we are all contributing someone’s happiness, including our own happiness one way or another.

Isn’t this amazing??

The moment we are doing our work with such a significance, isn’t that a delicious moment?

Thank you so much to you all, working hard and making us happy 🙂

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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