Early Spring Delicious News: Engagement?


Dear amazing you!


March 2016 has started…

and I have a news that…



I am engaged?





…and this was kind of surprising for me too

as I am sharing this with you.


But it is so nice to realize that

the more I share with others,

the more love and joy multiplied

for all of us by this news.


I am pretty much living the “fruiting” year of 2016 

as I have previously shared with you

through my very own experiences.


What a Delicious Life♪


At Kokugo Kyoshitsu (Japanese School) in Toronto,

where I visit every year,

they had some surprise for me and

it was super loving and touching….


It is so nice to really experience the expression of love through this body,

even though knowing that we are always loved for no matter what.


so it is good to know the love language



Thank you so much as always

and allowing me to share this wonderful news with you?


with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,




※The Granby office has been closed
and I see my clients privately
on a referral basis at this point
till the end of March*
Please join me
at the Delicious Moments Meditation at the Yoga Lounge
on every Sunday 6pm!

2 Responses to Early Spring Delicious News: Engagement?

  1. Shirley Zussman March 2, 2016 at 11:47 am #

    Congratulations, Mami!
    I wish you and your partner many, many happy and healthy years together.
    Your spirit is so loving and joyful.
    May it always be so…
    Big hugs, Shirley

    • Mami March 5, 2016 at 2:38 am #

      Thank you so much, Shirley!
      So nice to hear from you
      and I take your kind words to my heart.

      Sending you big hug
      and thank YOU also
      for being such a joyful and loving soul 🙂