Delicious Moments Dining

Spring flourishing Salad This is an opportunity for you to explore the unique concept of Delicious Moments in an experiential manner! To facilitate your experience of Delicious Moments, a dinner will be carefully created by selected local talented chef(s)  and facilitated by Dr. Mami (Naturopathic Doctor) & Dr. Lo (Psychiatrist), the developers of this concept.

This is a perfect event to be incorporated as a part of social education events, corporate training and conferences for the following benefits;

  • Wellness education & promotion
  • Team building
  • Sociocultural education (Cultural competence)
  • Self-development & exploration
  • Positive communication promotion
  • Social recreation/Relaxation
  • Local culture/deliciousness discovery
  • Flexible delivery to match and foster the required theme
  • Delicious Moments discovery, sharing and savouring!

Past events

Dr. Mami continues to facilitate several Delicious Moments events periodically for the organization, corporation, and community while further developing this wellness concept with her mentor, Dr. Ted Lo. If you would like to inquire more information, please contact Dr. Mami.