How to Cleanse Spirits & Ressurect through Savouring



Happy Delicious Easter to amazing you!


Because of that, it looks like that

this is the universal timing for

many light workers to awaken,

remembering the light that they are.


I felt the exact feeling as before 

which I was surprised yet realized that

my dear client was bringing that with her.



and this is what she wrote to me after the session.


thank you so much for last night’s session. 

I was reminded that all is well as howI am receiving. 自分の受け取り方でいいんだって、I was always liked that since child till high school, but I was forgetting. I remembered now and it is like surrendering to the wind and opening my heart fully. 

I feel confidence about what I was receiving and I can accept about it. It was okay to be who I was. 

I used my Lemurian crystal seed the way you taught me before I went bed and the next day, I absolutely felt differently in the morning. 


I felt like it was someone else yesterday, but today I realized it was me. As soon as I understood that, I was so happy from the bottom of my heart and my soul that I could connect with the Nature again and doing what I love. I remembered what I was doing all this time by connecting with the Nature.  

Thank you so much for the powerful healing session, Mami!




Saying good bye to the fake self,

and then remembering the real self

and start living as you are

in harmony with body, mind, soul and spirit.




It is the theme of the Easter –

Death & Resurrection


This is also spiritual cleansing.



It may sound somewhat wired to hear that,

but spirit is simply the energy vibration.


So spiritual cleansing means also


vibrational energy balancing.



So it can also mean rewriting memories,

or defaulting,


or ultimately HEALING.


At first, savouring the surfaced dark emotions

such as…











and then eventually it takes you to

the foundational thoughts

that are cased on love-deficient emotions.



Maybe I wasn’t loved…

Maybe I wasn’t cared for…

。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。this is sad and lonely…



Then, you can embrace them compassionately,

as if you are comforting your best friend


Thank you so much.

I am sorry for what you have gone through.

It is all okay now.

You don’t need to continue suffering. 

I love you.

Thank you for being you. 




It is about accepting, forgiving and releasing

the harsh judgement about perceived pain and discomfort

and other negative emotions and sensations.


They are not enermies, but actually great friends

to tell us what is going on and how we can help.


and this can be done by anyone.


Because our human body itself is already

the vibrational energy shifting machine!



So that anyone can shift their energetic vibration,

shift the awareness

and cleanse spirits…


and ultimately





through savouring the emotions and sensations fully

physically, emotionally, and spiritually

and metabolized the energy and change its state.


And we don’t need to know

how, or where, or even why

the vibrational energy is coming from.



Of course finding out stories is fun 
(= ̄∇ ̄=) ニィ


The story can be about

your ancestors,

past lives,

own traumas,

or even someone else’s strong energy,


and it all does not matter.


It is just to be experienced and then

it can help us to recalibrate out spiritual vibration.



If you are feeling not 100% since or before the Spring equinox,

you might be resonating with this powerful universal energetic flow

to pursue spiritual energy cleansing and transcendence.


It is time to realize that you can heal yourself

and you are so gifted and strong to realize that you are

compassionately and lovingly.


That would be a very healing Delicious Moment



Thank you so much to wonderful you!

Enjoy delicious long weekend 🙂


with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,




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