Like a stream of water


I am back in Toronto again! In 12 hours after I landed, I was in the project meeting at one hospital and then another one in the afternoon at other hospital which was about one hour away from Toronto. Yes, it was a bit rushed schedule (but not at all comparing to some of my friends, who are really really crazy), but it seems like I have a pretty good energy to get through the lag 🙂

When I finally get home, the first place I head at home is my bathtub. As a Japanese person, it is a traditional practice to end a day with taking a bath to cleanse any dust and dirt from the day. It is actually

Mind & Body Laundry Time♪

Well, water does have some special power. Maybe because I grew by near the ocean, I am always attracted by water. I feel so grounded and healed every time I see the ocean view of my hometown. The sound of the wave, the smell of the ocean, and the coldness of breeze to my cheeks – everything was making me freezing yet also keeping me standing there to stare at this ocean view for a while.

The Chinese philosopher,Laozi said water is truly ideal as a way of life.

The best of man is like water,

Which benefits all things, and does not contend with them. 

Which flowers in places that others disdain.

Where it is in harmony with the Way.

So the sage: Lives within nature. Thinks within the deep. Gives within impartiality. Speaks within trust. Governs within order. Crafts within ability. Acts within opportunity. 

He does not contend, and none contend against him.

well, he was a wise man indeed.

And as I was thinking of his saying, this melody came to my mind

Just Like the Water of the River♪ (English translation)

– it is a classic Japanese song, sang by Hibari Misora, a legendary singer from the Showa period.

Just flowing like a water – which does not mean working hard or not hard, but rather, it might mean – regardless of violent flood or gentle stream of the water, harmoniously following own unique passion, talents and love that we all have somewhere in our hearts?

This is what I am thinking on the very first night that I am spending by myself this year.

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart.


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