Never-ending Journey

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I was a part of the cultural competence training for the mental health workers last few weeks. It has been becoming more clear that learning is never-ending regardless of who we are. Even though I was one of the trainers, I can say that I learned so much through this experience. It is interesting and humbling that sharing what I know, what I do, and what I feel so passionate about, has become a great common ground to learn further about myself, others, and each other.

Our life is a journey on its own in so many ways. Everyone has a unique path, map, compass, and guide. I believe this is ultimately the journey to find the true beauty within – the purpose, meaning, and love.

Where did we come from?

Where are we right now?

Where are we going?

Where do we want to be?

I am truly grateful that I have found my passion and lifework as a doctor. It is my honor to be a partner for anyone who is committed to pursue their healing journey while I continue my own journey. Thank you.

with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


FYI – there is a  song called “Owarinaki tabi” (Endless Journey) by a Japanese popular music group, “Mr. Children”. It is quite amazing that how music can shake and heal our soul 🙂

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