Please let me share this Luck with You!

After the major the end of year cleaning, I went out for a walk to the nearby beach with my sister and dog, Patora. As we were walking on the sand, I saw…

Mr. Turtle? ? ?


He was stretching his neck!!!

I thought it was a toy. So just passing by, and then I saw him retracting his neck!

He is ALIVE!!!

This surprised me (but not my sister nor Patora for some reasons) and instantly I thought this is a symbol of luck so I took a snapshot  (^ ▽ ^).

So please let me share this luck with you.

In Japan, we say “A crane is a thousand years and tortoise is million years,” meaning they are “auspicious animal that symbolizes longevity“. In old China, a turtle is also known as a hermit from the Horai mountain which is believed as the land of longevity. According to Japanese Wikipedia, it is  also the symbol of harmonious marriage, from the Japanese fairy tale, Urashima Taro. Moreover,  animal totem from Native Indians says a turtle is a creature to deliver reliable message of

 Mother Earth energy, longevity, self-defense power, wisdom and innocent energy.

And, of course, it probably means

Slowly, with no hurry, at your own pace ♪

Wish you more luck to you!

With great love and hope and gratitude from the bottom of my heart.


P.S. My father just came back from his walk with Patora and he saw the Mr. Turtle again, and also another little one a bit further away. So he brought the little one next to Mr. Turtle and shortly after they started moving towards the ocean together 🙂

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