Reading at Delicious Healing Hot Spring♪

I am truly grateful that I am spending my last few days of 2012 and first few days of 2013 with my family in Japan (^o^)/

At home, there are stationary things that I always do. One of  them is going to a local hot spring with my mother. The color of water is amber like a coffee, indescribably reflecting its effectiveness from precipitated seaweeds over hundreds of years. Because of her knee pain, she has going to the hot spring almost every for the past few decades, enjoying being immersed in the moment of healing for many hours (!) at least. Because it locates in the country side, the hot spring is pretty empty during off-season and almost like a private bath just for us. I think she is lucky as she has found her healing and health maintenance method that is right for her. And I am absolutely lucky as I also get to share this hot spring experience with my mother. This is our mother and daughter time. My mind and body are so warmed, loosen and relaxed – feeling very happy and grateful. With a sense of unity of my whole being through the flowing energy from the earth, I exchange a few casual conversation with my mother here and there, and the rest, I am just listening to the sound of flowing hot water in the continuous steam filling the air. This sharing of valued time with my mother connects our body, mind, spirit, soul, culture and people in such a beautiful way and so that his is one of my very DELICIOUS MOMENTS

So there are a few days left in 2012.  How are your delicious moments?

ps:  Because my mother is an experienced hot springer (?), she CAN spend all day there. So I learn to bring some books with me and read it in as I am in the bath. Last night, I read this book – it talks about “the next world”, very interesting and happy to read in my own language. And this fact always reminds me that I am still a very Japanese 🙂

tea book

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