Reform & Innovation: Aquarius Full Moon Tonight!


Happy Delicious Full Moon


           Happy SUMMER

This is Mami, the Delicious Life Doctor,
supporting your Beautiful Health and Flourishing Life♪

My life in Japan is now in the 4th month,
so finally I feel that I am getting used to it.

After 20 years living in the North America,
it has been a bit more challenging to re-adjust to
my own country – haha≧(´▽`)≦

It has been a great life experience for sure!

And one of new famous movies in Japan right now is this…


I went to see that with my parter.

Surprisingly I cried at some point.
Since you might see it someday,
I won’t tell you the details of the movie,
but it was something that I recalled…

one scene that I knew from long long time ago…

The history of human being has been
the repetitive cycle of

Destruction & Rebirth

I know some of my past lives,
and I also looked into my own history –
my parents, and grandparents and my family tree.
It is so fascinating to realize the roots of who we are.

in that process, knowing the past lives is definitely interesting,
but not necessarily.

When knowing own history from much bigger scope of life,
things can be organized and resolved.

As a result, people feel so much better,
living lighter with more joy, peace and ease,
and often guided to realize own purpose in life.

There are lots of benefits.

More importantly, it is about becoming aware –

what has been restricting our lives and creativity,
creating the world which has so much limitation and controls.

When we realize about the life in the virtual reality,
we can also recognize that such world has been created by the past,
through what has been told, taught, or believed.

Our presence is always in the present moment.

This means that we are continuously breaking the world
created in the past and creating the new in the very present moment
by living in the very present moment

When things are not in alignment,
we experience the misalignment somewhere in our life
so that we can notice and change…

It is a very essential part of a FAVOURABLE LIFEヽ(*´∇`)ノ❤

We tend to think that things are not going smooth,
our life has been unfavourable, but it is actually the opposite.
Challenges are happening and lead by the blue print of our soul.
(When you see some of your history and past lives,
things can become more clear about it).

Harder the challenges are,
Our souls are having a great time….

Yaaaaay (人´ω`*)♡

Anyhow, that is how we are repeating small steps of
destruction and rebirth,
reform and innovation….
from the past memory to the present moment,
continuously updating our life just like our computer.

We could not walk when we came to this world.

We did not know how to talk at first

We did not know how to dress ourselves at some point.

How about it now?

If you can walk, if you can talk, if you can dress,
you have been successfully updating your memory bank
to the newest information of your present status 🙂

We just have been doing the process continuously
always updating ourselves to the most current ourselves.

This process is beautifully in synch with today’s full moon,
the theme of Aquarius.

Reform & Innovation.

It is also the timing of release of old
and creating new world, rule, concept and you.

This is the movement of universal energy these days,
so that some of you might be feeling a bit anxious
about continuously shifting situations.

But if so, it is still a part of the favourable life 🙂

You are just resonating beautifully with the universe.

All is well♪ヾ(*・∀・)/

We are just, as we have always been, adjusting,
releasing the old, and welcoming new,
through forgiveness and acceptance and compassion.

The old may include what you have believed or continued till now,
or relationships or customs…
and it is time to know what you don’t need anymore
in your life right now and now on.

It is the time to live in the very present moment of your real world.

How would you like to enjoy your world (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Let’s think about it tonight, at 10pm

The Delicious Full Moon Healing Meditation 

@10 PM on August 18th, 2016

It is a remote healing that I am sending to the world,
so let’s meditate together and heal as a whole.

Also this will be the last Delicious Full Moon Healing at this point.
Thank you so much for your continuous support.

I will start something new from this month.

Full moon is the perfect timing for
Appreciation & Release. 


What do you thank for, and what do you release?
Maybe you can look up into the sky,
and see the beautiful full moon
reflecting the beautiful light of your very life,
reminding you the preciousness and beauty of who you are,
and the world that you are creating and living in.

That would be a very Delicious Moment 🙂
Thank you so much as always!

Happy Delicious Full Moon♥

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,

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***August Special – Access Bars Monitor***

I knew about the Access Bars (this technique) when I was in Canada,
but as I came back to Japan, I had the opportunity to try this technique.
It is often called as Brain Detox or Thoughts organization.

It was just perfect for me,
as I am too good about thinking sometimes :p

So I became a facilitator of Access Bars today!

if you are….
too tired chronically….
Filled with lot of distress and negative thoughts,
wanting to live stress-free life,
just wanting to experience is a good reason too.

It will be in Osaka, and first come first served.
Please email me to set up the date 😉

Thank you!!

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