Reviving via Scorpion Full Moon Healing & Meditation♪

Dear amazing you!


This event, which has started in Toronto about 3 years ago,

to share healing and meditation experience togehter

via remote healing that I send out,

would be most likely the last one from Toronto tonight.



I will be on the airplane at this time next week.



But I am still in the middle of moving ≧(´▽`)≦


It is quite resonating with the theme of this full moon –


death & resurrection. 



This transcendence of the state reminds us

the strength and resilience of a life. 


When we think that we’ve lost everything and realized the limitation, 

when we finally let go of something we thought we could not, 


always there is a life of own remained at the end. 


This full moon, the scorpio makes us to face our lives. 

..and eventually teaches us that

there is nothing to lose. 


After we gain something, it is so hard to let it go. 

But it goes anyways as nothing stays permanent

and we get tired of the cycle sometimes. 


And yet when we get out of the cycle, 

we realize that everything is connected anyways

and then we find the trust in ourselves and life itself.


It is the trust to other and ourselves.


This full moon is bringing the transformation 

to realize the power of life, 

and to discover the trust in ourselves.                                                                              


the Soul Message from the Sky



awwww, I am so resonating with the Universe…(´ ▽`).。

and surely so that trying to get rid of

so many things in my life right now.


And interestingly enough,

my partner resonates so powerfully with the Earth…

so that he is at the critical state too right now,

as if the earthquake is happening all over the body.


Well, sounds like a perfect for this Earth Day,

We are both like resonating like this

<( ̄口 ̄||)>!!!オーノー!!!<(|| ̄口 ̄)>






Anyways this is all self-created drama,

so it is kind of funny to know that

how much our souls are desiring such dramas!





and so nice to realize that there is such an objective self,

to observe myself from somewhat outside.
Anyways, I know that I have been guided no mattere what

so that I can trust myself.

Wherever I go,

Whoever I meet,

Whatever I do,

Absolutely I am be okay,

(though I may not feel like it)

You are okay,

our Earth is okay




because we are so much loved?

I don’t have any evidence or scientific data

to back up my point.


But you, and me, being here, means

we have managed everything somehow in someways.



Human beings are still existing

even though human civilization has been destroyed a few times.



This Earth is still existing

even though it has been damaged so much.

It is time to forgive and trust

and fully consciously receive the unconditional love?

We are truly loved, aren’t we 〜?

Ψ( ̄∇ ̄)Ψ yay~♪



so, tonight at 10pm EST as usual,

I am doing the Delicious Full Moon Healing Project .


While I am in the meditation project,

it is all about tuning into this


ALL IS WELL?Sensation


with people from all over the world collectively

so that love and gratitude naturally fill up too.


Doing something like this or even meditation alone is not easy sometimes

but doing it with someone makes it

much easier and even more powerful.


What a Delicious Moment?


Anyways, this is what I need for myself.



Even though it is filling my needs,

it is also filling for others,

it is so nice and it has been actually so grateful

to get such feedbacks too.


So I am continuing too, wherever I go,

because this is my favorite moment.


I am you and the Earth and Universe.

And you are me and the Earth and Universe.


So please join me tonight, if you would like

to meditate to share this beautiful moment together,

connecting through love & gratitude,

filling this beautiful Earth with light

especially shining onto the Kumamoto and Ecuador.


It will be another shining Delicious Moment〜☆



Thank you so much as always,


with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,





Sending a deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones,

due to the Earth quake in Japan (Kumamoto) & Ecuador

and also hoping for the faster recovery for the wholeness –

body, mind and soul, and community.


Praying for the peace and harmony of the Earth, land and people

from the bottom of my heart with love and gratitude.


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