Reiki Certification Training

reiki text pictureWe DO heal ourselves continuously because we all have wonderful self-healing power within. So it would be great to optimize our healing power to promote our life-long wellness through mastering self-healing techniques such as Reiki.

Anyone can learn Reiki and you can heal not only yourself but also others from the day of the training. Moreover, once you are connected to Reiki, it is effective for your lifetime. If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, here is the FREE email Reiki lessons about Reiki! Please sign up from here to receive your copy!

There are 4 levels that I teach;

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3 Level/Reiki Master Practitioner (RMP)
  • Master/Teacher Level (RMT)

The training includes

  • a textbook,
  • attunement,
  • interactive exercises/practice,
  • 21-day cleansing, distant reiki healing by Dr. Mami, and
  • 21-day mail support.
  • Upon the successful completion of each level, a certification will be issued.
  • perhaps potluck lunch?

A training session is approximately 6 hours and will take a place with minimum of 3 people.

A training session can be held privately or at your residence.

The Reiki Certification Training Content is shown below. Depending on the member at present as well as the flow of the training, the order and the content maybe modified to best serve the participants and optimize the learning experience.

Reiki Level I

1.What is Reiki

2.Characteristics of Reiki

3.History of Reiki

4.Teaching or Reiki

5.Process/Levels of Reiki

6.Effect of Reiki

7.Healing Crisis/Response

8.Reiki & Chakra

9.Messages from the Body


11.As a Reiki Healer

12.How to Prepare for Reiki

13.How to cleanse Aura

14.Basic Hand Position

15.Specific Healing Techniques

16.Other Reiki Healing Methods


18.21-day Cleansing

Fee: $200CAD

Reiki Level II

1.Symbols & Mantras

2.How to use Symbols & Mantras

3.About 1st Symbol

4.About 2nd Symbol

5.About 3rd Symbol (Remote Healing Symbol)

6.About Remote Healing

7.Remote Healing Technique

8.Healing Practice with Symbols

9.Karma & Trauma Healing through Reiki

10.Future Healing through Reiki

11.Channeling the Future Self through Reiki

12.Channeling the Past through Reiki

13.Lost & Found through Reiki

14.Deprogramming through Reiki

Fee: $300CAD

Reiki Level III

1.Ascending Reiki

2.About 4th Symbol

3.Higher-self & Spiritual guide

4.Self-actualization & ascention

5.About the Master Symbol


7.How to maximize the Reiki Energy

8.Reiki shower (Self-healing)


10.Positive, productive life with Reiki

11.Reiki Meditation

12.Actualization Meditation


14.As a Reiki Healer

Fee: $500CAD