SUNDAY APRIL 3RD: Molecular healing & rejuvenating Gaia Water 135 Seminar♪



Dear amazing you –


Here is the probably last public event by me in Toronto,

at the beginning of April about Water…


As you know, our body is made of mostly water.

Therefore, what kind of water we are consuming

greatly affects our health and well being.


Combining both ancient wisdom and modern technology,

Gaia 135 water (water filter) recreates energetically active water,

like a fresh spring water

and can be enjoyed at home or work easily.

I started using it without knowing much about it,

but I have been amazed by its powerfulness

in terms of healing and activation of energy,

but first of all,

it makes everything DELICIOUS –


my daily drinking water,

my daily drinking green tea,

my daily drinking Kombucha

(and it makes it within 3-4 days verses 2-3 weeks)


EXCEPT highly chemically and artificially processed food

which turns into quite horrible tasting disaster…

(I am actually quite shocked!)


The filter has a Japanese Terahertz (THz) mineral,

vibrating @1,000,000,000,000 Hz/second…

so that it energizes water.


And so that it delivers the energized water into

tissues to promote healing and rejuvenation.


This is actually an amazing way to

address healing at the foundation

because water is where all information is stored.


For the water to release stored information,

cells (water in them) need to be activated to metabolize

and Gaia water can naturally deliver such water orally

(and actually topically if you use shower head).


It also contains Makomo fiber, 

which is used in Japanese shrine

and also for Buddha to have sick people rest on them.


Anyhow, the filter has so much wisdom within

to optimize the quality of water that we use in daily life.


It is all about improving the quality of life,

rather than treating a certain illness.


When all cells int he body are energized,

self-healing is optimized and wholesomeness is restored.




Long time ago, drinking fresh spring water

had such an effect….



Anyhow, I have been surprised by hearing

how people are benefitted by drinking this water.

So I will share the comments at the seminar.


It is not about “treating” illness per se,

but it is about improving overall quality of life

and molecular level health of cells,

optimizing the flow of energy over all.


This perspective just coincides with

the traditional Oriental medical perspective.

Illness is not something specific to each one,

but all illnesses and diseases are after all due to

stagnation or blockage or some abnormal flow of Qi (energy)

so healing means restoring the optimal flow.


It is just so simple.


When the energy is not flowing,

it is the death.

So it is about activating the optimal flow of energy.



Since I am leaving Toronto this spring,

I just wanted to share something that I really like

and benefited greatly with people

who like to have a good and safe and delicious water at home.




when I shared my passion with the president of the company,

President Osada, she agreed to visit us in Toronto

to talk about Gaia water 135!!!!!


She is really really passionate about water

and wellness of people.






We also have a special guest from Japan

Takako Terasawa, who is the expert for minerals and herbs

and also the executive leader for Gaia water in Japan.


It will be an exciting seminar to learn about water!


And you will be surprised and amazed

by the powerful beauty of two ladies!


It is a FREE event so that

please join us with your family, co-workers, and friends.

Just let me know your name and number of people

so that we can secure enough number of seats.


I will be translating so that it is totally okay

if you speak only English 🙂




Gaia Water 135 Seminar in Toronto

Date: SUNDAY, April 3rd, 2016

Time: 1PM~4PM

Place: 1 Market st. (Downtown Toronto)



Please register from this link

with your name and number of quests.

by March 31st.




Please check out the Face book event page from HERE.


I will post more info there!!



I look very much forward to sharing

one of the greatest wellness tools that I treasure in my life right now 🙂


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,




I am not recommending this water for treating illness,

but to promoting over all wellness.


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