Thank you for the Lunch of Delicious Moments♪ Part 2


On last Sunday, there was another delicious event,  “A LUNCH OF DELICIOUS MOMENTS”!

Thank you SOOOO much!

It was such an amazing time to share so many Delicious Moments with a room full of passionate people with beautiful souls!

These are some feedback about this event …

– A most cherished experience of food and loving kindness.

– Excellent – food was exquisite; the meal was so “connected” from beginning to end – a beautifully balanced experience. Mami was an entertaining and gentle guide through the afternoon. 

– Fun, educational, fantastic, inspiring and heartfelt. Must to do more of this!

– I REALLY felt extra care from the chef considering my food intolerance. 

and these are how people felt after the event

 – All my senses have connected; My soul and body feels content and at peace.

– I feel lighter, nourished, like I am respecting the functions of my body. I loved meeting the people who have a unique passion for food, connectives and wholesomeness.

– More appreciation for myself and being me. Thank you for the greatest opportunity!!!

– I am breathing deeply, no feelings of anxiety. All is well in the world.
I have been feeling just so grateful and blessed that we could share such a precious experience together. This event was absolutely made possible because of each and ALL of us being there at the same time, same place and for the same reason – savouring the Delicious Moments.  BIG thanks to en-kitchen Chiaki, Dr. Ted Lo, Teppan KentaTom(Music), Yuki (Volunteer), and you, and everyone including you, reading this. This is my passion and soul work, promote and share the Delicious Moments to flourish our beautiful being.

As I wish more and more Delicious Moments for you, here are some tips from psychology of Savouring (Positive Psychology) to enhance you capacity to attend to the joys, pleasures, and other positive feelings that you experience in your life towards Flourishing Health!

Five Savouring techniques for more Delicious Moments ♪ 

1) Sharing with others –  tell others how much you value the moment. We did this together for 3 hours over lunch! I am sharing more on Facebook event page and updating my BlogFacebook 🙂

2) Memory building – take mental or real photographs or a physical souvenir of the event – hope you are enjoying the green tea at home! And please check out our beautiful group picture is at the bottom (thanks to great photographers – Joe & Mary-Kate!). This will definitely help us to prolong the positive impact of the experience.

3) Self-congratulation – don’t be afraid of pride – you have come so far to be here and now, alive, and and so beautiful. You ARE just amazing as you ARE!

4) Sharpening perceptions – focusing on certain elements and blocking out others – we focused separately on our domains of wholesomeness. (e.g.) 5 Senses through our body – What are you smelling? seeing? hearing? sensing? and tasting?

5) Absorption – let yourself get totally immersed and try not to think – in your Delicious Moments, really tune into your wholesomeness and resonate with your body, mind, soul, and/or community that are in harmony with you 🙂 This will intensify the sensation for you.

And yes, these techniques were subtly introduced and practiced together throughout the afternoon as a part of this event. Life is always about learning, isn’t it?

Moreover, we had 100% of respondents answering that they would like to attend to another event like this and recommend to their families and friends! Definitely we are planning more – the next confirmed event is a Mexican dining at Cafe Coyote in the heart of San Diego, the one of the best San Diego restaurant 2013. In order to keep you in the loop of what’s happening next, please sign up for the newsletters from the link below!

Delicious Moments is actually a clinical therapeutic concept that Dr. Lo and I practice at Integrative Mental Health Centre of Toronto. The ultimate goal of our healing is for you to connect with and embrace your beautiful authentic-self so that you can savour your Flourishing Health in which you enjoy your life moments and also find hope and strength to overcome challenges in life.

I wish you to continue flourishing your beautiful health through DELICIOUS LIFE and look forward to sharing more Delicious Moments with you soon again!


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



Chiaki & Me guiding the afternoon

A Lunch of DLM 2

The first dish – Roasted local vegetable bruschetta in two ways with the whole wheat baguette (and also a glass of sake lees cocktail, which has a beautiful cherry blossom color)


2nd Dish (1) Sesame-Tofu made with Tahini and arrow starch with a kick of Wasabi


2nd Dish (2) – Chigusa-Ae (Soy sauce marinated Chicken Sald with onions & paprika) and Chick pea salad


3rd Dish – Sakura Sushi in two ways – one with salt-pickled cherry blossom flower and leaf, another one is with shiitake mushroom and carrots inside. And a glass of Chawan-mushi, a savory egg custard with a lemon zest


4th Dish – A Japanese strawberry desserts – Daifuku in memory of Chiaki’s Grandmother


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