Thank you so much for Delicious Moments Dining Part 1


Good morning! This is Mami, the Naturopathic Doctor who support your Delicious Life for your Beautiful Health (^o^)/

Last Sunday, there was a Japanese version of the Delicious Moments Dining event with en-kitchen Chiaki! I am super grateful that we had a full-house with wonderful people sharing lots of Delicious Moments♪ Thanks to loving support from en-kitchen ChiakiTeppan KentaKurakake CompanyTom(Creator’s Lounge)、Yuki (volunteer), and amazing guests and even more people behind this event, made this event possible.

I talked about the ULTIMATE GOAL of the healing was




It does not mean just “Accept”, but often actually means




If we cannot forgive yourself, we cannot accept yourself. When you take a deeper look into yourself,  you may realize that often something or someone that you cannot forgive is rooted and directed towards yourself. Yes, it is so essential to forgive to appreciate, love and accept ourselves.

BUT, this is not that easy, isn’t it? So in that case, how about to forgive yourself for not being able to forgive?

Well, that is not that easy either, isn’t it?

Indeed, forgiveness is not an easy task to do for many of us, especially when that is something we’ve thought of for a long time (thus conditioned and programmed as well). And in order to remind us that we can actually forgive, we meet people (attract Daimonds) at the perfect timing in our life.  It is really the law of attraction that helps us to heal ourselves with

Power of LOVE


When we cannot really change ourselves or solve our negative pattern, they can be actually solved by meeting someone else. Many things are actually beyond our control!(Did you know that?) But it does not mean that just receiving the love from someone, but rather, meeting a person whom you desire to receive love from. It is a person who reminds you the joy and abundance that you already have and also provides you the opportunity for you to realize and manifest the precious facts. This person is your benefactor.

Who was with you when you were able to manage to overcome challenges and to forgive someone or yourself in your life?

The very morning of this event last week, I actually completely lost my voice. I felt that it was an unforgivable and unforgettable situation as a speaker. However, with kind support and understanding of everyone at the event, things went great despite I was whispering through the microphone. Instead of me talking all the time, I had almost everyone at the venue speak through the microphone as well to share their experiences. Though it was unplanned to lose my voice this way (of course), this incidence made me realize something very important. It was not only my voice that mattered on this day, but also each person’s voice and stories that made this event so precious and special.

I am not perfect. I still have a lot to learn. And yet I will also continue to be imperfect. And it is perfectly OKAY.

Thanks to everyone, I truly felt genuine abundance in my heart that I am so filled with joy, love and happiness through exposing my own shortcomings.  They were all my benefactors.

So, I am even more careful about taking care of my health and looking very much forwards to this coming Sunday for

A Lunch of Delicious Moments


We are finalizing our guest list by this Wednesday (26th) and may have a waiting list. So if you are still interested in joining, please contact me at ASAP!

Thank you SO much for always and have a great week!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


P.S. Chiaki cooking deliciousness…with lots of LOVE & PASSION!


Delicious loving sweets…. with her memory of grandmother. Savouring not just with your mouth, but definitely with your heart and soul as well 🙂ichigo daifuku

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