The Ultimate Feminine Quality is like Hibernation☆

Winter 2016

Dear Amazing you!


Thank you so much for many kind messages 🙂



It was actually a quite courageous move for me

to share the news with you…




And then maybe I used up too much mental capacity,

I started having a terrible headache and

ended up staying in my bed for the next couple of days.


I was actually a bit impressed about myself

being able to stay in my bed for that long

doing nothing, but just sleeping.



Thanks to the generous understanding of others,

that I should mention, but I would have done it anyways.




The act of resting is categorized as “Yin”

in terms of Yin-Yang quality in traditional Chinese Medicine.


Yin = still, inactivity, rest, female


Yang = movement, activity, action, male




So Resting is “Yin” activity and also Feminine.



Then what do you think about our busy modern society?


Even from that perspective,

we could say that it is a quite masculine society.

Isn’t that interesting?



A while ago, I talked about how much a man I was (lol),

since then I was working on my feminine side

to revitalize and reconnect and re-flourish

(will write more about it in the future!)






when I return to a woman, a man came to me! lol

And then interestingly,

things are started to sort out to balance on their own.



Of course there are both masculine and feminine

within one person, either a man or a woman.


Feminine quality of women ,


or the ultimate feminine quality is





Complete stillness





It sounds almost like hibernation

but we are human beings so it is more like

when a pregnant mother is growing a baby inside,

or nursing a baby in the arms…

those happy quiet time that feels like time has stopped.

…the period of loving  nourishment. 




No need to do anything,

but just being.

just resting.



Parasympathetic nervous system is working at optimal

inducing the maximal relaxation and tissue healing,

all cells in the body is just focusing on that to rebalance.


It is the optimal self-healing moment….


yes a very Delicious Moment 🙂




Without doing ANYTHING,

our body is made to heal on its own.




If we think about that,

aren’t our bodies too busy

not having enough time to do that?

(ノ ̄□ ̄)ノ




right-brain activity,

and universal connection

are all feminine/Yin quality.




It is of course important to

value feminine quality

for both men and women,




It sounds like not only me experiencing illness these days,

I hope you rest A LOT and AS MUCH AS YOU CAN♪



Just sleep in, that’s all(^^)hehehe


Please make sure to turn of TV, PC, cell phones…etc.



It may help you not only to restore health balance

but also boost your energy,

balance Yin-Yang,

receive Universal blessing o(^▽^)o☆


To begin with,

that is the essence of who we are.


We don’t need to work too hard,

or actually hard at all,

but deserve happiness and joy

and health and balance.


That is the very our essence 🙂


Thank you so much as always

to amazing you!


Have a wonderful and restful weekend!!


with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,






If you don’t know how to take care of feminine part of you,

just start treating women around nicely and kindly…

it symbolically transfers to your internal relationship as well.


yes, our bodies are amazing!




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