Tonight is the Delicious Full Moon Healing Meditation :)


Dear amazing you~(^^)


Today is the Full Moon again,

so that here you go~

Delicious Moon Healing Meditation Project ♥


The Delicious Full Moon Healing Meditation  

is tonight,

Wednesday, March 24rd, 2016

starting from 10PM EST!!



and from this time, I am no longer making

the facebook event page for this project.


After all, the majority of participants are not using it and

so I would rather just focus on our collective consciousness as a whole.

I hope you can continue to join and enjoy together,

and perhaps invite your friends and family to meditate together too!


During this healing meditation,

I am sending you the remote Reiki healing simultaneously

so please enjoy that too!

(how to receive is described in the page above).


And this time,

because it is the Libra Full Moon,

it would be effective to place an intention on

the Love, Beauty and Harmony in

our social connection and relationships,

especially partnerships.


This beautiful moon is the very reminder

reflecting the beautiful light that you are…

and so please imagine this divine light

is radiating powerfully and joyfully

and embracing precious yourself, your partner, family and friends,

community, country, world, and universe…

returning to the harmonious oneness.



The more people sending healing (prayers),

the more powerful this healing becomes

by the power of the number of people.


e.g., if 100 persons are doing together with me,

the healing becomes more effective and stronger by the power of 100!!

(not just 100 times!)


isn’t that amazing?? ーw(*゚o゚*)w



If you would like the healing to be specified to your name

and also declare your participatio,

you can use this form  and write down your intention 🙂

(but I am not reply individually from this form

so if there is anything, please email me!



Let’s enjoy the collective healing meditation tonight,

with people who are joining us from all over the world!


Thank you so much as always

and once again, happy Delicious Full Moon to you!



With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


Deliciousness of the ending and The beginning of the new year, Season and moon cycle- Just a reminder for this beautiful cyclic nature Of this our wonderful life and precious being That are here on this Earth together, Sharing the deliciousness of human experiences – We came here to savour this beauty – and enjoy uniquely being ourselves together. Shall we continue to shine as the Moon in this sky, So beautifully bright and powerfully loving? Thank you so much for Being here in this very moment & sharing your light with the world. 宇宙新年、そして季節が、 お月様のサイクルとともに 終わり、また始まった。 この満月は 光り輝く尊いあなたを反映する まさにデリシャスリマインダー♪ そうやってあなたが 輝き続けることで この地球が愛と光でさらに溢れ 地球が明るい光で満たされます。 あなたはここにいるだけで 生きて楽しみ味わうだけでいい。 そんな素晴らしいあなたに 今日もどうもありがとうございます❤️

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