We are not alone♪

COncertDear amazing you?


This is Dr.Mami(●´▽`●)



The latter half of this year 2016 has started!

and so lucky that

I was given a free ticket to the concert



『 LOVE 』


It was so moving ~~~


The encore was the very popular song

and actually the arrangement of the world-widely famous song,



(Partial lyric translation below)

Everyday I listen to my heart
you are not alone. 
we are connected at the deep bottom of our heart.

More than losing a dream

not beliving in  yourself

is a sad thing. 

No one is alone. 

We are loved as we are. 

by living as we wish

to the flourishing future

Jupiter by Ayaka Hirakawa

The origin of my healing journey

began with music.


And then moved into music therapy,

and then medicine, and

the study of soul – our life itself today.



My new life in Japan

is with my loving partner

who is always next to me

and always loves me.


and I am just realizing that

it is just a reflecting of myself.


It is me,

who is always next to me

who always love me.


My life has been teaching

such an important factor of this life.


The best love song is always within our heart


Let’s sing together♪


We are truly loved as we are❤️

We have been loved as we are❤️

We wil be loved as we are❤️

We are not alone.




It was such a soulful Delicious Moment♪

So grateful & thank you 🙂


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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