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Mami is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, speaker and educator who is passionate about wellness promotion.  She encourages each individual to live an authentic life filled with purpose, clarity, and love for their journey of optimal health and wellness.

Mami completed her undergraduate degree in Music Therapy and Psychology with honors at the University of Miami and then the postgraduate program in Naturopathic Medicine at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She also received additional training in hypnotherapy, aesthetic acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, and Reiki healing. She has served diverse clientele in various settings including the United Cerebral Palsy of Miami, FL, Mental Health Inc. in Japan, the Distress Center of Toronto, the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, Anishnawbe Health Centre, Yores Health, and Asian Mental Health Support Group at Toronto Western Hospital.  She is a co-founder of Integrative Mental Health Centre of Toronto with a cultural psychiatry expert, Dr. Ted Lo and serving wide range of people from individuals, community mental health agencies to hospitals.  She is also working for Clinical Cultural Competency Consultants (CCCC) and teaching at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

As a clinician, Mami has a strong interest in mind-body-spirit medicine, in particular with respect to life-long wellness promotion under high-stress situations such as chronic illness, overwhelming responsibility, and life changing circumstances .  Her holistic approach is based on the integration of modern science, psychology and traditional medicine.

As a speaker and educator with a strong belief in active community health promotion, Mami provides frequent talks and workshops at various settings on a local, national and international scale. She was a keynote presenter with Dr. Ted Lo on the concept of “Delicious Moments” at Intercultural Counselling and Education in the Global World Conference 2013 in Verona, Italy  and 7th Critical Multicultural Counseling and Psychotherapy Conference 2012 at University of Toronto. Pioneering the wellness concept of “Delicious Moments“, she has successfully conducted several unique events including a Delicious Moments Dining, invoking multi-sensory experiences at mental health agencies, conferences and academic institutions. She was also a visiting lecturer at Mahidol University in Thailand for their graduate Music Therapy program in 2013.

The Law of Life Abundance

Her first book was published in May, 2014, Delicious Moments: The Law of Life Abundance ~the Power of Mentorship~, Sanctuary Publisher (in Japanese), co-authored with Robert Allen, Misuko Msuoka, and others.

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